7 of the most commonly stolen holiday items

The last thing anyone wants to think about when planning for their holiday is that they’ll be stolen from. In all the excitement it’s usually the very last thing on most people’s minds; however it is this very fact that make tourists such easy pickings for local thieves. So in this guide we talk you through the 7 most frequently stolen items, so that you can think about how you’ll protect yourself, whilst still enjoying that much anticipated holiday.

7. Cameras

Cameras make for an easy item to steal. They’re constantly out and generally people don’t go to the trouble of buying a camera string to hang the item around their neck. Having a camera stolen on holiday isn’t just a financial loss; it’s also a loss of those holiday snaps that document your experience. This is where camera insurance UK can help and will relieve any stress you may face from such a problem.

6. Laptops

In a world where people are ever more reliant upon the internet, more and more people are taking their laptops on holiday. With so many people taking their laptops to the beach or pool there’s plenty of opportunities for thieves to strike whilst you’re completely distracted by that holiday book or taking a trip to the bar.

Don’t think however that just because you’ve left your laptop in your room it’s safe however; if it isn’t locked away in a safe then you could be making it just as easy as if it were sat on its own on  a beach.

5. Passports

Passports make for an extremely lucrative and useful item to steal for many a thief. Passports should be the item that you take the most care of during your holidays, as getting home without documents can be nothing short of a bureaucratic nightmare.

Don’t carry your documents around with you thinking that they’re most safe on your person; ensure that you leave them in your room’s hotel safe.

4. Phones

Phones are another item that make for easy work for the would be pick pocket. Most people constantly have their phones out, whether they’re talking, playing games or taking snaps, and it takes but a second to have it out of your hand and away.

3. Money

Having your money stolen on holiday can be devastating, particularly if you’ve kept your money pool together. Make sure that you split your holiday money into daily piles, and leave any you don’t need back in your bedroom’s safe.

2. Wallets, purses

Wallets and purses are frequently stolen whilst abroad, particularly in hot spots such as pubs, bars and clubs where tourists are inevitably less alert due to alcohol intake. Again, you should ensure that you keep your money levels to an absolute minimum.

1. Bags

Bags make the number one spot because they’re so easy to steal if you’re wearing it unsecured on your person or carrying it in your hands. They’re also pretty lucrative items for the thief as they can contain pretty much all of the above items. So think about which bag you walk around with from a thief’s point of view, and limit how many items you carry in them.



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