A Guide in Buying the Best Compact Digital Camera

Best Compact Digital CameraDigital cameras have been around for since the early 1950’s. It was then used to capture live images from television cameras. By 1960’s, the US government and NASA began to use digital imaging for spy satellites and space exploration, respectively. In 1991, Kodak, a premier multinational corporation recognized for its innovation and expansion in the field of photography, released the first professional digital camera which was intended for photojournalists. It was only in the mid-1990’s that digital cameras were available for the ordinary consumer. More than a decade has passed and the best rated digital camera, or digicam as it is now often called, has not only been advanced in technology but have also been more accessible and affordable.

Types of Digital Cameras

Though for the same purpose of taking pictures, the types of digicams vary in specifications and price.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras

This type of camera is relatively small, inexpensive, and easy to use because of its fixed lenses and built-in flash. As its name suggest, this is very ideal for those who want to produce high quality pictures at absolutely minimum effort. Perfect pictures are easier to capture because of the liquid crystal display (LCD)-based viewfinder. Older cameras do not have an optical viewfinder which makes it quite difficult to accurately frame an image. Though there are some models that have limited user control over the camera, there are now several models that have high-resolution optical and digital zoom, movie and video option, and special image effects.

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR)

DSLR cameras are often used by professionals and are an outright replacement for the almost-phased-out film-based SLR cameras. These cameras have optical viewfinders, removable lenses, external flashes, and adjustable focus and exposure. With these added features, DSLR cameras are likely to be more complicated to use and expensive than point-and-shoot cameras. Though earlier DSLR cameras weigh heavier, are bulkier, and more expensive, today’s DSLR cameras are now cheaper, lighter, and more compact with each successive generation.

Finding the Best Compact Digital Camera

For some, as long as it is cheap and can take pictures, it’s good enough. However, even if one is on a tight budget, this should not be a hindrance in finding a sleek and compact digital camera at an affordable price.


This is often associated with the megapixels that a digicam has. The more megapixels, the sharper or higher is the quality of the image. Stores usually sell digicams that have 1-11 megapixels. However, as the number of megapixels increase, so is the price of the camera. One tip for a casual user: a 2-Megapixel camera works good and gives highquality images for online use and prints.

Lens Focus

Digicams usually have the lens focus or “zoom:” feature. Though most cameras have digital zoom and optical zoom features, it is the latter that produces the best picturequality. Digital zoom tends to reduce the resolution of the image making it fuzzy and pixelated when printed.


A compact digital camera usually has two memory features where images are stored, internal or built-in memory and removable memory, also referred to as memory cards. Higher sized memory cards hold more images rather than just depending on the internal memory of the digicam.


Digicams easily drain batteries especially when the LCD is used. It is recommended to use rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter. In buying rechargeable batteries, consider looking for Lithium Ion because it lasts longer and charges faster or Nickel Hydride because it is cheaper can be used for other battery-operated gadgets.

Apart from taking into consideration this guide, it is also recommended to do some research and find digicam reviews to get to know the latest and best rated digital camera by professionals, critics, and users. There are also a lot of package deals online and over-the-counter that offer both quality and affordability.



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