Art Pieces That Revolutionized the World of Art

Ever since you started following the fascinating world of painting, you’ve always avidly waited to take a close look at the masterpieces in the catalogue of art that took the world by storm. These pieces are famous in their own adventurous& intriguing way in which they challenged the conformist pattern and ushered in a new style.  The lilting yet self-reliant genre of these revolutionary paintings have challenged the boundaries of human traditionalism and created a whole new pattern that is well ahead of its time. This piece captures & briefly describes the world’s most awe-inspiring pieces of art that have not only enthralled critics & admirers alike but also transformed the world of art.

  1. The Baptism of Neophytes

1 Baptism of the Neophytes
From Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This fresco, done by Masaccio, hailed as a work of unparalleled beauty, delicately depicts the trembling of a half-nude neophyte amongst the others. The scene portrays baptizing of three converts to Christianity; one kneels on the cold waters of the river Jordan, one behind him shivering in cold and the third one with a green cloak waiting to fall off. This is famous for its marvel at capturing the minute details of the way St. Peter is pouring from a bowl the ice-cold water onto the man’s head kneeling in the waters of Jordan. It also captures the hair on the man’s head getting wet while the water trickles down back into the rivulet forming bubbles. Some nice art gallery in your city is certain to have works of art of Masaccio stored in their archive. This is an inimitable piece of work that adds life to all characters with deft strokes of a genius.

  1. The Last Supper

The Last Supper
Photo by Eric Coulston, CC BY 2.0

The Last Supper is a timeless creation by the infamous and revered master Leonardo Da Vinci that has been studied, talked about in a relentless manner. It is also one of the world’s most famous & captivating paintings. The conventional representation of the Last Supper was a group of 12 Apostles and Christ around the table. Leonardo portrayed them all together, elucidating the moment Christ announced that, someday someone would betray him, and then depicted their overwhelmed & surprised responses of bewilderment.

  1. The Last Judgement

Second coming of Christ
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

The great fresco by Michelangelo is a vivid & clear recap of heaven & hell. With his deft touch, he created a masterpiece that covers the wall behind the altar in the Sistine Chapel. This picture allows itself to emit from the central figure of Christ and is way ahead of its time in a sense that it weave together the sacred facts of Bible and Mythology .This work of art clearly portrays Michelangelo’s expertise in handling nudity and its casual undertone. This famous creation of art clearly stands out because of his deft strokes to create ideal figures in perfect proportion that are so realistic yet not hindered by realism.

  1. The Night Watch

The Night Watch
Photo by web4camguy, CC BY-SA 2.0

This is yet another masterpiece by none other than the ace artist, Rembrandt in the seventeenth century. This is hailed as ‘The Most Famous Portrait of the Seventeenth Century’ by many critics. The painting depicts the company of a Captain, in presence of his lieutenant, encircled by sixteen of their men, who would be pressed into service to protect the city against internal chaos or external threats. A plaque above the gate displays the names of the eighteen people in the portrait and the other people who appear in the painting were the artist’s inclusion to highlight the presence of these central figures. In this masterpiece, Rembrandt showed his class by making outstanding use of light & shades. The whole troupe is marching out of darkness into light. Using different shades & nuances of light, the artist has vividly depicted the significance & importance of the integral characters. The men assisting them have been subdued as they have been elegantly pushed into the darker background. If you have an eye for detail, you’d love to notice the Captain’s hand protruding out of the painting and creating an impression of existence of separate layers & levels within. And that’s what makes this a masterpiece.

  1. Guernica

Photo by Mark Barry, CC BY 2.0

Created by Pablo Picasso in response to the bombing of Guernica, a country village in Northern Spain during the events of the Spanish civil war, the painting effectively captures the sufferings of unsuspecting & innocent civilians. Guernica will never lose its relevance and importance because it not only makes a bold statement against war, but also, on the heart-rending tragedies of it. Guernica was painted in Paris in 1937 & now stored at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Spain. It portrays, with obvious poignancy, the sufferings of humans, animals & the bombed, dilapidated state of several buildings. The bull and the horse are central to the mural and integral part of the chaos that the scene depicts aggravates a sense of persecution. The total absence of any color evokes a feeling of doom all around, escape from which looks practically impossible.

No matter how many times you have seen them, these immortal pieces of art will present a new aspect every time you look at them. You will discover something new and overwhelming that will leave you awestruck. Even after so many years they can evoke a great sense of relevance, fluency & magnificence because they are truly eternal.



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