Buying A Digital Camera Online

Most people buy a digital camera without considering their true needs and requirements. Quality is paramount for everyone, but that doesn’t mean one need to spend a great deal of money on a digital camera. Quite often people end up spending hundreds of dollars more for a point-and-shoot camera, when they can buy a camera for a lower cost which would have done the same job.

Affordable Digital CamerasThe main reason for over spending on camera is the lack of knowledge of technical specifications of a camera. Most people consider only the pixel (picture elements) rating of a camera while purchasing. The fact is you will not be able to take great pictures even with a high pixel count camera when the ISO settings are unfavorable. Likewise there is no need for ultra high resolution camera if you are not going to print life size photographs.

Therefore it is extremely important to understand all the specifications of a digital camera and choose the one which has the right mix of features based on you needs.  However irrespective of the features you opt for, you should but a camera from a reputed seller. It is better to choose a good online camera store to buy your camera, as you will be easily able to compare all the features and specifications of the cameras before placing the order. The most common features you need to look out for in digital cameras are

1: The Pixel Count

The pixel count represent the resolution that the camera is capable of capturing. There are several advantages of a camera with a higher pixel count like, better ability to zoom in and crop without losing the image quality, for printouts that are large and for better color definition and details. Unlike the past decade the digital cameras today have a minimum resolution of around 5 MP and it goes up to 40 MP. The down side of having a high pixel count camera is the memory usage; pictures taken using a high resolution camera will consume a lot of memory and also the time taken for reloading of the camera will be higher.

2: Optical Zoom

It is nothing but the capacity of the lens in the camera to zoom in before capturing a picture. A 5x optical zoom, means the camera is capable of zooming in 5 times that of the actual picture scope. If you frequently travel outside then it is better to opt for a camera with a high optical zoom, but for a home user an average optical zoom is sufficient. The cost of the camera increases with an increase in the optical zoom.

3: Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is different from optical zoom. Digital zoom is the capacity of a camera to zoom a picture after capturing it. Most digital cameras come with a digital zoom of 4x. A higher digital zoom is fun as you can instantly see every fine detail of a picture by zooming it in the LCD screen.

4: The LCD Screen Dimensions

The LCD screen dimension is represented by a number, which is the length of the diagonal of the screen. A bigger LCD screen provides and better viewing experience, however like everything else a higher screen size means a higher cost.

5: Storage Media:

Storage media (or the memory card) is the type of memory storage employed in the camera. Most cameras today come with a micro SD card with a memory of 4 GB or above. A Memory card with higher storage limit and more number of media stored in it can slow down the camera. However a greater storage also means that you don’t have to delete the old images often.

6: ISO Settings:

Most cameras today comes with adjustable ISO settings, it is nothing but the ability to adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light and external environment. To shoot in extremely bright conditions you will need to have a lower ISO value and for shooting in dark and badly illuminated conditions you will need to have a higher ISO value.



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