Buying the Ideal Digicam for your desires

Buying the Ideal Digicam for your desiresNow-a-days, manufacturers are bringing out digital cameras with all new functions to attract the customers. And so all this confuses us a lot! Are you asking as to what actually makes a camera a good camera indeed?

When we go out looking for the best camera we should seek the following factors in it:

Mega pixels:

This is one of the essential features of a camera which makes it a powerful is its mega pixels. Higher mega pixels of a camera ensure that a best photograph would be taken through it.

A mega pixel is equal to a million pixels. The image resolution is dependent on mega pixels of your cameras. When you go on to enlarge your photograph, you will see more details in it and would get less of blurry background.

LCD Size in Camera.

A big LCD size would enable you to frame your shot without any need to squint to the camera viewfinder. Large screen is also helpful when you are reviewing your images.

A 1.5″ LCD display is normal, whereas 2″ display is better. LCD size of 2.5″ or larger is the best and most suitable.


Digital cameras come equipped with digital as well as optical zoom. It is always nice to have a higher optical zoom than digital zoom. Cameras normally come with optical zoom between the ranges of 3x to 10x. The higher the optical zoom, the best is the digital camera in its category.

Memory Card:

You should make sure that the memory card you use with your camera is a right one. There are many kinds of memory cards available like Flash card, SD or xD..etc. Good cameras come with large storage memories. Starting from 32 MB these memory cards can be up to 1 GB.

You should decide on the camera which best suits your lifestyle and not just the latest camera available in market. Like you will not like to purchase a DSLR and use if for family photo sessions. Similarly you can’t go and buy a simple camera when you are thinking about being a professional photographer.

Actually, the best digital camera for you is the one which gives you fault free service and best photography results which you will enjoy for all times to come.



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