Cash In On Your Vacation With Henry’s #SummerTravels Contest

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Summer is in its final stretch and its a sad reality you’ll all have to come to terms with. While you may not be looking forward to heading back to school or for the inevitable return of cold weather, there is one comforting notion to the end of the vacation season: the gifts you can receive thanks to all of the memories you made traveling around during the summer.

No, no, I don’t mean the fuzzy-happy recollections you have spending time with your friends and family throughout the summer you keep in your mind that will forever warm your heart until you’re old. That’d be silly. I am, of course, talking about the physical memories you captured during your summertime journeys, sometimes (or always) referred to as photographs.

So how exactly will your summer vacation photos get you some great gifts? That’s where Henry’s comes in. Canada’s leading expert and retailer of all things photography is holding their #SummerTravels contest, a means for you to cash in on your vacation after it’s already over.

Maybe you spent a week in the Maritimes, traveling the coast and taking photos of the majestic shoreline. Maybe you headed to an American metropolis, and snapped a pic of urban activity at its finest. Or maybe you just went to a cottage with some loved ones, and just happened to take the most adorable photographs ever witnessed by man. No matter what you did during your summer vacation, all are suitable entries for the #SummerTravel contest, and entering couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do to become a contestant in the #SummerTravels contest is head over to Henry’s Facebook contest page. From there you can upload your photo directly to be entered to win the #SummerTravels prizes. If you’re more of an on-the-go type of photographer, one who lives on social media and so always uploads their photos to Instagram, you’re in luck, because you can submit photos directly from Instagram too.

Keeping the contest all-around travel-themed are the prizes themselves. The winner of the #SummerTravels contest will receive a Black Vanguard Sedona 45 Backpack, a ORB WP500 RW Passport Holder, and a ORB LS240 RW Adjustable Luggage Strap. Even if you’re not the most avid of photographer these prizes will definitely be a bonus while traveling, as the bag can easily become a standard backpack once you remove the special insert, and pretty much everyone who’s traveling needs a safe place to put their passport.

To find out more about the #SummerTravels contest, which runs until the end of the month, head over to the contest page here.

Featured image courtesy of: kaboompics



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