Different types of photo booths; picking the right one for your event

When you’re looking for a photo booth for your event, you might be surprised at the great wealth of choice there is in the market.

There’s a great range of photo booths available, so you don’t have to pick one which doesn’t offer anything special.

Each photo booth may have different facilities but here’s a guide to some of the features you might find.

Prop box

Whatever package you pick, the photo booth firm should provide a box of props to encourage your guests to create some really memorable snaps.

You should be able to tailor your package to add more props or to specify a certain theme if you prefer.

Choose The Right Props

You could choose from old-fashioned gangster-style, modern rappers, cowboy and indian or vintage to name but a few. You could also opt for a larger mixed box.

Pick either a prop box that complements your event – a vintage prop box can be fabulous for a wedding – or one which is wildly outrageous to encourage your guests to have fun with their snaps.

Wind machine

Everyone loves a bit of Hollywood glamour and nothing is guaranteed to make your guests feel more like a film star than a wind machine in the photo booth.

The chances are that although your guests may have enjoyed posing for snaps in the past, they will never have had the opportunity to create a windswept look.

Using the prop box provided can make the experience even more fun; use some of the props to create either a seriously silly or sexy photo that will look great in the album.

Social media hook-up

Sharing pictures on social media is very popular right now and your guests may well want to let the outside world see what a great time they are having.

Rather than leaving them to take their own pictures on their smartphones, pick a photo booth which has a social media hook-up instead. This provides guests with the option of uploading their snap to a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter immediately.

Sharing Your Photos

Guests will still receive their print on the evening but they’ll also be able to share their photo with their friends electronically too.

If required you could also create a hashtag for the event which guests can then use when they upload their pics so that anyone can easily search for all photos relating to your occasion.


You might think that a photo booth is out of the question because there’s not much space at your venue but it’s possible to hire a booth which takes up very little room.

Although you can pick stylish, sprawling photo booths which will complement your chosen theme, there are also booths which are as small as 60cm x 40cm. This can slot perfectly into the corner of the room, either with or without a curtain, transforming a tiny area of unused space into an impromptu photo booth.

Even in the larger booths, your guests will normally be standing but you could fit as many as 8-10 people in one picture (if they all hold their breath and squeeze in!) which provides lots of options for group snaps.

Simple operation

To encourage your guests to use the photo booth, you’ll want it to be simple and easy to operate.

Some booths are operated with the aid of a touch screen; this makes is extra easy to navigate around, helping even those who are not as familiar with technology to use the photo booth without assistance.

Top photo booth firms will provide a “butler” on the night as part of the package; this person is there to help out with any questions about how to operate the booth, as well as fixing anything in the unlikely chance that something goes wrong (like a blown fuse).


Different photo booths have very different features so deciding on those which are the most important to you is a good idea before you start to look. If social media is a vital inclusion, for example, then make sure you search for a firm that offers this in one of their booths. Don’t compromise quality however; when you find the ideal booth, double check that you will still be certain to get good quality photos and that the firm appears to be experienced and professionally run before making a booking.

Image Credits: Bethan Rees and Eve Castleman



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