Digital Camera Memory Card Buying Guide

Digital Camera Memory Card Buying Guide Remember those days of the traditional camera, and all the hassle of loading and unloading films, and taking them to photo shops to get them developed? But now you can finally say goodbye to all that, thanks to the digital camera. With a digital camera you no longer have to deal with having to load the film, and develop the film etc. You can now capture memorable moments with just a click of a button of your digital camera, then quickly and easily download the pictures onto your PC, and your pictures can then be viewed on the computer monitor for anyone to see.

If you are not well versed in technology, you may well wonder how your images transfer from the digital camera to the computer. The actual device that holds these images is called the memory card. To put it simply, the memory card is an electronic and much more convenient alternative to films used in traditional cameras. The unique advantage of the memory card is that it is reusable as images on the memory card can be deleted, unlike films that are not useable anymore once developed, and thus discarded. Memory cards also allow you to easily view your pictures by simply transferring the images from the memory card to the computer, whereas films have to undergo a special process to develop the images on the film.

With all these versatile and innovative benefits memory card provides, digital camera has boomed in popularity. The digital camera memory card market has been flooded with a wide range of memory card brands. With so many competing brands, choosing a particular memory card has become increasingly confusing and difficult.

There are various types of memory cards available in the market today, including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro media format, SmartMedia, XD Picture card, SD and MMC cards and the most time tested, CompactFlash.

Before deciding on your memory card, check which type of card is compatible with your brand of digital camera. For most digital cameras, your choice of memory card is likely to be limited to just one or two of the above-mentioned types. However there are some models that can accept a combination of SmartMedia and CompactFlash, or SmartMedia and XD memory cards. Consult the camera manual to learn about the compatibility.

The speed rating of the memory card is also another feature you need to consider, as buying a high speed card is only necessary when you are using a professional model. Otherwise, an ordinary camera will not be able to match the speed.

Also, consider buying a memory card with higher capacity, so that you can store more images at a time.



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