Digital Camera Review

Digital Camera

Toshiba Cameras:

From my own experience I have found Toshiba cameras to be of very good quality. One of the aspects that I have found to be the most pleasant is the camera’s memory capacity. For those of you who do not want to be burdened with buying extra Flash-Memory-Cards, then this may be the camera for you as many of the models come with extended memory. I would not recommend these cameras for professional work, however for the average consumer who is looking for a good solid camera, then Toshiba could be the choice for you!

Sony Cameras: I have had the most experience using Sony cameras. I have found that these camera are best for mid-tier users. The cameras that I have used have ranges anywhere from 2 to 8 mega-pixels capacity. I think you can do better with a novice camera from Toshiba and Sony’s basic models can be a tad difficult to use. This is not to say you can’t, its just I believe Toshibas are a bit better in this regard. Probably my favorite from Sony is the Cybershot DSC-T10. It has 7.2 mega-pixel, 3x optical zoom and also comes with a video mode that uses audio as well. Finally it comes with a memory stick storage of 56mb. While not great, I think you’ll find it will do the job for mid-tier users.

Samsung Cameras:

I believe that Samsung cameras are much more popular in particular due to some of their more advanced features. I am also a fan of Samsung due to the fact that the company has been in the camera business for over 20 years. One of my favorites that I have had the pleasure to operate is the Samsung Digital Camera DIGIMAX S1000. The camera operates in a very simple manner as simple “point and shoot” camera. There is very little focusing that the user needs to do. Furthermore it has 10.1 mega pixels which means the quality of your color photos will be outstanding. Some of the other features I like are “Color Effect” “Highlight” and “Photo Frame.” All of these features allow the user to manipulate the camera a bit more should they desire. I would recommend this camera for someone who is skilled in digital photography and would like some more advanced features.



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