Digital Cameras Are Ecofriendly

Digital Cameras Are EcofriendlyDigital cameras are used by all the peoples around the world nowadays. Digital cameras are far better than ordinary cameras. There are several disadvantages in using an ordinary camera where as digital cameras have more benefits. We can take the digital cameras with us to all the places where we go and we can view the picture and capture the snap. The advantage in using this type of camera is that it does not cause any type of revolution to the environment. Many industries have started introducing different types of digital cameras with low cost so that it will be economical to all people.

Digital camera’s works with a software which stores the images in the memory and there is a sensor which helps in altering the images. It’s easy to transmit the snaps to other software systems.

The usage of ordinary cameras causes pollution to the surroundings in many ways. They are:

• When we use these cameras we have to go to a photo film processing centre for developing the film.

• To develop a film into a photo copy there are several processing steps.

• To wash the photo films we should use certain chemicals. These chemicals contain fixer solutions and developer solutions. This type of chemicals used in the film processing centres is very hazardous.

• After the developing process is over, the chemicals are discarded into the surroundings. This causes the air pollution which is very harmful for the survival of humans.

• In the large chemical plants, they are instructed to follow the standards given by the council. Where as the photo centre are small ones so they don’t need to follow the rules and regulations.

• Some times these unwanted chemicals after their usage are discarded into the river, which causes water pollution. When these chemicals mix up with the drinking water they are very harmful to our health. And will also destroy the crops when farmers use the river water for irrigation.

The above mentioned disadvantages are not seen in the digital cameras. But we use inkjet printers for printing the photo copy from the digital system. We may think that even this inkjet chemical will affect the environment. These chemicals are not discarded into the surroundings. And some people may think of the batteries we use in these cameras. As the batteries also contain the chemicals that are injurious to the human living. To overcome these difficulties nowadays we have rechargeable batteries so that discarding of batteries can be avoided.

The advantage of using digital cameras is:

• The main thing in using a digital camera is their manipulation. The images can be transmitted to the sensors in other digital systems.

• We can develop the required photos alone, it’s not necessary to develop all the snaps.

• We can take many snaps .the storage capacity is very high.

•We can also take videos in the digital cameras.

•The usage of rechargeable batteries will increase the usage time rapidly.

• We can view the photos in all the digital systems.

• It is easy to carry to all the places. But we should be very careful in handling it near water bodies.



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