Digital Cameras: More Than Just A Camera

Digital CamerasSo you’re ready to buy a digital camera? You’ve been leafing through the brochures and looking at all the models. Maybe you’ve been standing in front of a few shop windows and looking at the rows of glistening bodies ready for you to purchase and start making your own collection of superb digital photographs. You’ve probably been on the web, too, surfing around the websites of the various electronics and pure camera retailers. Now you just have to make your choice.

The first thing to remember as you sail into my-first-digital-camera land is that digital cameras are now cheaper than they have ever been. You can buy a model now for a reasonable price that just a few years ago would have cost a small fortune. You can have practically all the features you want and still not break the bank or come home with a wilted credit card.

The second thing to remember is that the beauty of digital means that the camera is not taken when the shutter button is pressed. What does that mean? Obviously, with a digital camera, you can retake the photo easily, and without having to waste roll upon roll of film.

But the really great thing about digital photography is the stuff you can do once the photo has been taken. Take that digital photograph and put it onto your computer, and then with a bit of software you can often transform a mediocre (or sometimes really bad) photograph into a winner, or at least into something passable. Photograph too dark? Lighten it easily. Photo too bright? Darken it easily! And change the contrast. Not to mention cropping the photograph in a million ways.

This is the real benefit of digital photography. Almost any photograph can be salvaged. And sometimes turned into something that you can really be proud of with just a little work!

Have fun shooting!



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