Easy Camera Repairs That You Can Do Yourself

Digital Camera Repair

Having a digital camera has been everyone’s lifestyle nowadays. While in the process of using it, there will be some problems that we may encounter. There will be no need to take it to the service centre if the problems are not that complicated and you are able to fix it on your own. You don’t need to be an expert to do it. Just following the steps will do. So I will talk about how to fix a digital camera based on the damage it suffers. If the camera problem is on the complicated level, you can have your camera repaired by www.procamerarepairs.com.au located in sydney, australia.

  1. Repairing a camera with water damage.

– Turn off your camera. What you need to do at very first is making sure that you have turned off your camera because turning it on will cause more serious problem.

– Check out on how serious the damage is. Whether it’s completely exposed to water or to few drops only.

– Take out the battery, lens and memory card so that you can quickly dry them. Don’t forget to remove and open the doors and shutter of your camera. After that, place the camera and wet parts in well ventilated area. The most important thing is that the place should be dry. So that the wet parts will be exposed to air and become dry.

But there will also be some methods of drying it. You can use a soft towel to dry them. You can also choose to use silica gel packets because silica gel can absorb the water. If you want to use those, make sure that you put the silica gel packets together with your wet camera or parts of the camera into a sealable plastic bag or closed box for better absorption.

Another way is by using rice. So, if you don’t have silica gel, you can use uncooked rice. It has the same function as the silica gel, but make sure your rice is not wet. Apply same techniques of drying it as the silica one. If it is only exposed to few drops of water, let it dry using silica and rice within a night. But if it is exposed totally to water, 7 days of drying will be needed just to make sure that you have got enough time to let it  be completely dry.

You can also use hairdryer as another option. But make sure that you use the lowest and coolest setting to dry it or else you will just force the water flow to and splash another part of the camera which are actually dry and make it worse. Don’t use heat setting as it will bring more damage to the parts made of rubber and plastic

– Wipe with clean water first if your camera is exposed to salt water because it is highly corrosive. Clean the camera thoroughly. Make sure not even a little part missed from cleaning with clean water as it will cause corrosion in the internal circuitry. Quickly dry it with above steps to avoid further damage

– Use new battery if your old one is no longer working. This will be the last step of repairing camera with water damage. If problems persist, take to service centre

  1. Repairing Camera with common problems

– Error with zoom lens.

This happens most probably caused by some dirt stuck in the lens, having your lens extended while accidentally drop your camera, or battery dies while the camera is in extended lens position. We won’t know what the problems are until we do some experiments.

Take out you battery and recharge it until it’s completely full and insert it to see whether it works. If you think the battery is too old already, you can change it into a new one and look whether it will work. If the problem remains, take out your memory card and battery and replace the fully charged battery or the new one without your memory card in the camera.

While doing this, you can either hold the OK or Function button for seconds or to hold the shutter and power button together.

If the problem is caused by dirt, then you can use hair dryer in cool setting to blow the dirt, or vacuum cleaner to suck it or even push it out using thin, small needle. But if the lens is bent due to falling while in extended position, you can by force rotating the lens and pushing it back to its place.

The point is that you try to straighten it if it’s really bent. You have to hold the power button while you are doing this. Pay attention to the click sound that means you have successfully made the lens go back to its normal place. Check whether your camera is working or not after that

– Error with memory card

It looks simple but actually it can cause your camera not working well. Make sure that you buy the appropriate memory card that match to the type of your camera. Then don’t forget to format it before inserting into the camera. Not well formatted memory card will cause problem in operating the camera. It’s also much recommended to have your memory card formatted after every use to make sure everything work well.

– Error with the shutter

In this case, you will experience stuck shutter in which the shutter won’t open or close normally. This later will cause the images taken become all black as the result of closed shutter and overexposed images as the result of keep opened shutter. There are two things that can cause this problem. If it’s the matter of dirt stucking in the shutter, simply cleaning it will do. But if the problem is caused by CCD image sensor of the camera, it’s better for you to buy a new camera as repairing that part will cost you much.

Those are some common camera problems that you may fix on your own, but if the problems remain, it’s better to take it to the service centre.



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