Essential equipment for the novice photographer

Essential equipment for the novice photographer

Photography is a great activity whether it’s something you want to pursue as a full time career or as a hobby. Anyone can become a great photographer if they have the right equipment, have a passion for exploring and a hunger to succeed. It’s quite a hands on activity and needs some time and patience for the person to become an expert at it.

You can get the equipment such as camera, lenses, monitors and others anywhere online or even at retail stores. If you are after something a little cheaper from the rest then best would be to visit factory outlets where you can get wholesale monopod, cameras and other related equipment.

Camera: a good camera is the core essential when it comes to taking excellent photographs. A good camera will do half the job for you- all you have to do is point and click. A well-made camera will have great lens, good quality flash and can last you a long time. Ensure you get one from a reputed retailer and if you decide to buy one online, read the reviews of previous customers.

An external flash: although cameras are inbuilt with their own flash, having an external flash can really uplift your photos. External flashes can give your photos a much more natural look compared to the ones already in the camera.

Diffuser: This is a very cheap but important addition to your camera. It adds to the function of your flash but shedding a soft romantic glow on the chosen subject. It’s great option for harsh artificial light and is perfect for taking photos of people at night.

Tripod or monopod: not all cameras can be held in your hands at all times. Sometimes you want to be part of the photo you are taking and a portable set of legs in the form of a tripod or monopod can be a great addition to your photography equipment.

Strap for your camera: if you have a small camera, a small thin strap that can be slung from your arm or around your neck would be great. But if your camera is on the heavier side, then chooses a heavier strap that is comfortable enough to be hung from your shoulder.

Spare batteries: a camera battery will last a while but if you use yours often and constantly find that it is out of charge, it is a good idea to have a spare battery or two nearby. They charge quickly and you can be on your way to using your powered up camera without any delays.

Spare memory cards: if you have the habit of saving all the photos you click, its best to go for a memory card with a lot of space. This way you will be sure to retain all the important memories without ever being in the position of having no space in the camera.

Follow the above article and get the items mentioned which will complete the beginner photographer’s equipment collection. With anything new, time and practice makes you perfect.



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