First Person Point of View (POV) Cameras Essential Guide

POV Cameras

Helmet Cams or First Person Point of View POV cameras have become ever more popular amidst sports buffs. They permit you to get prime quality High Definition film from a 1st user viewpoint or POV. There are lots of various kinds of helmet cams available to buy, there is however just several that happen to be very well worth the cash. This information will offer you precisely how to find the best quality helmet cam and as well, what to do to get the most reasonable pricing.

Old School POV Camera?

The case with lots of POV, helmet, or individual worn cameras is that although many of these very popular cameras will cost you approximately the equal sum of money, the video quality varies considerably. Who would like to get yourself a helmet cam which provides you with a grainy film when its possible to pay the same exact value and possess professional 1080p Hi-def videos? The quality of sound may possibly be very different.

Helmet fitted video cameras or POV cameras are available in a lot of models and measurements. They can also have a number of different names. They can be at times typically called: First Person View Cameras

Seeing as there are a number of helmet/Pov cameras to choose from, its essential to determine what type of factors you really need before you consider to purchase. For almost all customers, video and quality of sound are most essential. A number of customers are looking for a video camera thats long-lasting and able to withstand tough conditions? Other buyers desire a water resistant camera.

Features to Look for on POV Cameras

Playback Quality

One can find just a couple of helmet mounted cameras which produce professional high quality film. You will find a single one in particular thats increasingly being utilized by television production organizations. Here is an example, every time you watch motorcycle racing, mountain biking, surfing, sky diving, kayaking, etc, and you watch a first person viewpoint video, chances are high they are using this type of camera. What is actually amazing is the fact that worth of this specific camera is budget friendly at a cost of around $ 250. Again everything depends on where you make your purchase.


Do you know there are numerous companies who market their helmet mounted / body worn cameras to be utilized for extreme sports, nevertheless these cameras fail to last very long for the reason that they cant take the abuse. Is there a reason for designing these types of cameras when they wont be able to take the heat? If you wish a helmet cam that stands up in hardy conditions, make certain its SHOCK PROOF before you purchase it.

Water Resistant or Waterproof

Almost all the superior quality helmet mounted and body worn cameras in these days are water resistant or come with an optional water resistant casing which you could get yourself separately. If you are going to be employing your camera for technical scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or other water related recreation,its a wise idea to check the camera is WATER PROOF, not just WATER RESISTANT. Pay particular focus on the level at which the camera can descend. A number of cameras which are water resistant to depths of 60 meters.

Mounting Preference

Some helmet / body worn sports action video cameras consist of various installation options for headgear, motorbikes, motor vehicles, scuba masks, etc. A variety of them even have universal mounts so that you can attach them to almost anything.


High-priced helmet cam isnt conclusively the best quality. I have seen some video camera price tags set at silly amounts for what they offer. The very best helmet camera that anyone can buy is actually set at an astonishingly low cost if ordered through a number of suppliers.

When you finally pin down your top picks, you obviously are planning to make a price comparison. Most quality helmet cam prices start about $ 190 and go up from there, according to where you make your purchase. Ive explored the planet for the best quality helmet / body worn / POV cameras with the most affordable prices.



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