High Dynamic Range Imaging

High Dynamic Range Imaging is commonly addressed as HDRI. HDRI is a set of techniques used in photography (and image editing) therby allowing a greater dynamic range between the darkest and the lightest areas of an image. The development of this technology is a huge leap in imaging; HDR images are more accurate in representing the range of intensity levels.

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) was introduced in computer graphics by Greg Ward in 1985, however it was not successful as the processing speeds and computing power was very less back then. Only recently this technology is widely used. Today HDRI is widely used in video games and animation.

HDR Imaging in Photography

Online HDR SoftwareDigital photography has changed the whole imaging industry; even a new photographer today can take stunning images using digital cameras, however digital cameras are not adept at handling scenes that has dark as well as brightly illuminated areas.  The human eye is excellent in perceiving such scenes as it has a high dynamic contrast ratio, around 1,000,000:1. At any given point of time the human eye is better at this than the sensors in a digital imaging device.

However this problem can be overcome by a new concept called as HDR photography. The basic idea behind this technology is combing several photographs of the same scene taken with different settings and making a single image out of it. The final image will appear to have the right exposure.

The other way of achieving this is tone mapping, where a single photo will be tone-mapped. This will make low dynamic range scenes look like a HDR processed images.Tone mapping can solve several issues like strong contrast reduction from the scene while preserving image details and colors so that the original image is not altered a great deal.

To create proper HDR photographs you will need to use a tripod, and take a series of differently exposed images (something like -2ev, 0ev, +2ev). This should not be difficult as most cameras today have ‘bracketing mode’, which enables you to take a series of picture of the same scene with different exposures. If your camera doesn’t have this feature then take multiple pictures. Once you have these photographs then you need to combine them using a good HDR software package.

Today there are several software packages to create HDR photographs. However if you don’t want to install a software then you can opt for online hdr software. They have features which includes advanced hdr technologies like alignment, ghost reduction, local & global tone mapping. You can produce exceptional images quickly.



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