How to keep your children entertained at a photography shoot

Photographing children or handling children during a photography shoot is truly a challenging task. Most children do not like to pose for the camera, it becomes even harder if they are busy doing something else. Therefore most of us end up with pictures that are blurry and out-of-focus. It is not the fault of the children as they cannot care less for a photo shoot or the significance of a long lasting memory. Children PhotographyAll they really want is to have fun. The only way to work with children during a photo shoot is to plan the photography session as a play. It is also advisable to opt for props that are attractive and are related to children. It is also advisable to opt for a photography agency that is specialized in family portrait and lifestyle photography like the White Cloud Photography. However if you don’t have access to a good photography agency then follow these simple tips for keeping your children entertained during a photography shoot.

1) Connect with the child

You know your child like no one else, so list out things that your child likes, be his friend. Do not be a parent who simply dictate them what to do. Come down to their level of innocence and playfulness, you can make them laugh by simply being very silly. There is no point in asking a child to smile for a photo shoot, this will just result in dull and fake images. Leaving the child to play and enjoy just before the photo shoot will result in great and natural photographs.

2) Create Storyboards

It is better to create a simple storyboard rather than a single image. A storyboard will capture the actual personality of the child. You can create a story board by continuously photographing the child while he is playing around or engaging in some activity. There will be at least 4-5 very good images out of the series of pictures that you took.  These 4-5 photographs together can tell a bigger story than a series of unrelated photographs. You can enhance the child’s participation by showing a greater emotional appeal and being sensitive to the child’s requirements. Showing them the pictures in the LCD screen of your camera will make them happy and they will co-operate better as it increases their curiosity.

3) Have the Right Props

Children will get nervous if they see cameras flashing at them. It is hence better to have props that are familiar for the child. Having the toys and candies will come in handy. Though the main purpose of these props is to keep your child relaxed and entertained it also serves the other purpose of providing a great background and story for the photographs.

4) Choose the Right Location, Clothing and Timing

Choose a location that offers an opportunity for the child to play around, make sure the location is bright and is devoid of shadows. The timing of the photo shoot is also important, as children become more troublesome when they are sleepy or tired. It is also important to choose the right clothing for the children, they should be comfortable in their clothing.



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