Luxury Brands and Their Photography Techniques

Companies such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci have very large advertising budgets. They hire experienced photographers to take images of their products. It is important for the photographers to know how to take the images to bring out the main features of the handbags. In their photographs they often play on different colours and backgrounds. Due to the hiring of only skilled photographers, they can effectively get their images to go viral on the internet.

It is a well-known fact that product images are important in convincing the customer to purchase a product. It is for this reason that large retail companies invest in their own photographing studios. When Louis Vuitton did an experiment they found that by simply changing the background colour of one of their advertisements, they increased their sales of that product by 10%.

Luxury Brand PhotographyTo increase sales with the older generation they experimented with a vintage look in their advertisements. That is why you sometimes see luxury brands advertising their products in a black and white image. They also use the photography technique of motion blurring which creates an intense combination of eye catching colours.

Night photography used in conjunction with smoke photography products an exotic look. One example of this was when Louis Vuitton showcased their louis vuitton bags in front of a train at night. The smoke like effect was added to create an authentic steam appearance.

HDR images are used a lot by Gucci since they have that fantasy feel to them. It creates a feeling that the image is so surreal that it is sometimes viewed as fake. The use of landscapes is also played on by Louis Vuitton which is the reason why the company decided to showcase the Louis Vuitton suitcase in a desert. The colour contrast between the white suitcase and the desert greatly brought out the product.

Large luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and prada spend a lot of their capital on photography and this is the reason their products end up being priced highly. The cost of marketing is also high. Why not buy replica handbags from Milano Desires for a fraction of the price?




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