Newborn Baby Poses

Unlike conventional photography, capturing newborns is a truly challenging task, even experienced photographers struggle during the initial session. Creating a standard operating procedure for newborn photography is almost impossible, it is rather a skill that is acquired over a period of time.

Even skilled and experienced newborn photographers often struggle with babies that scream and cry the entire time.  The best way out is to take it on the chin and keep trying until you strike the perfect pose. This article is about some tips and tricks to get that perfect newborn pose.

Tip 1:

Newborn PosesArrange the props and the room. It is important to set up the room ahead of time. It is important to have sufficient blankets and floor setups. The accessories like hats, scarves and hair pins should match the fabrics and the floor setup. If you don’t have the right accessories procure the right ones ahead of time. You can also add other props based on your customers’ requirements. Visualizing the entire session can help you come out with great poses at the time of photography. Visualizing will also assist us in staying focused and centered.

Tip 2:

Parents and photographers often ignore the mental make-up of the kid at the time of the photography. A content, warm and well fed newborns pose exceptionally well. The ideal temperature of the room for getting best poses is around 80 to 85 Fahrenheit. You can hide the heaters behind the props. Certain babies are highly receptive to mild music and a good background music can soothe an irritated newborn. Make sure the new born is well fed and burped. Breast fed babies often strike the best pose, as they go in to what is widely termed as the ‘milk coma’.

Tip 3: 

Newborn photographs are best around the first fortnight of the babies’ life. Ideally most experienced photographers choose either the sixth or the seventh day after the birth.

Newborn Baby Poses:

Most photographers prefer the conventional poses like fabric/blanket pose. The curled up pose is another favorite among photographers (replicating the balled-up pose inside the womb). Take several snaps with the same pose by changing the hat, scarf and wrap. The yawning and grinning poses are relatively hard to capture, but those immortal poses are loved by everyone. As a photographer it is important to take complete advantage of all the poses you can capture, as you can later present the entire series even as a story board.

Though most people prefer the blanket/fabric poses, floor poses are also highly appreciated lately. Floor poses create a new set of challenges, as you will need to baby slumber. Last but not the least, poses of newborns with mom & dad is loved by everyone. Almost all the clients would purchase this kind of images. There are several other newborn baby poses, we highly recommend  – Silver Bee Photography for more newborn photography ideas. The photographs in that page are all taken by the highly acclaimed photographer Hillarry, from Silver Bee Photography.



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