Select the Perfect Photo Booth for your Event.

One of the biggest attractions and most fun form of entertainment at parties at the moment is the  photo booth.  A favourite novelty gimmick for celebrities and major companies at events for the past couple of years. Novelty photo booths allow guests to take amusing pictures with their friends and family instantly adding a touch of quirky quality.

Party photo booths are extremely versatile and can be decorated in almost any style you want. A lot of photo booth hire companies, offer customised photo booths to adapt with your event theme. You could opt for a retro-style Beetle for a ‘Swinging Sixties’ style party or a classic black taxi for a party if you are feeling a little bit British.  Guests love clambering into the photo booths, especially when they see how many of their friends they can fit in with them for a photograph. Car styled booths are perfect for corporate events, such as appearances at festivals or trade fairs as they can be branded with your company’s name and logo to make a lasting visual impression that makes a lot of impact. A photo wall can be equally eye-catching and allows guests to watch the photos being posed for and taken. Whether you go for an open or enclosed style of booth really depends on what you think your guests would be most comfortable with and what the space that you are having your event in is like.

Photo boothIf you are considering a party photo booth for the entertainment at your wedding reception or a milestone birthday, why not try a booth with a white board so that guests can leave their wishes and messages, like a less formal version of a guest book. Photo booths are becoming especially popular for weddings as they serve a double duty; they provide entertainment for your guests and the photos can be taken home as individual, unique party favours. Wedding photographs tend to be staid and almost awkward when they are posed for, so some relaxed, free-style photos help to capture the essence of fun from your big day.

Another factor that adds to the uniqueness of party photo booths and has played a big part in their popularity is the props and accessories that you can add to them. A party photo booth instantly adds an extra element of fun so throwing in some hilarious items for guests to dress up in and pose with encourages them to let their hair down and have an even better time. The props and accessories can be in line with the theme, or you could go for a completely random and off-the-wall selection, making it as quirky and zany as you want.

A photo booth is like a party within a party and makes any event extra special. They can help a company make a bigger impact and stand out from the crowd at corporate events or make sure that your party is the word on everybody’s lips for years to come. The variety available means that you can choose one that fits in with your theme and venue perfectly and you can use your own creativity to choose props and decorations that best fit your event.



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