Shoot Extra-ordinary Videos Using Drones

Many stunning bird eye videos you see these days are not shot by some top Hollywood camera man. Most of those awesome footage are shot by normal videographers using  inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicles or toy drones, hobbyists call these drones as UAVs. With as little as few hundred dollars and regular practice, one can create breathtaking footage. However unlike regular photography, there are several important things you need to know before getting in to UAVs.

1. Always Follow the Rules:

It is extremely important to follow the rules related to aerial photography. You should never fly these drones above 400 feet, and it is also important not to fly these drones within a three mile radius of airports. Read the guidelines and the dos and don’ts of FAA before flying your UAV. Also check your state laws and trespassing laws, because in most states you are not permitted to fly over someone else’s property as such an act could be considered as trespassing.  The FAA regulations related to commercial use of UAV is considered on a case-by-case basis so turning your aerial photography in to a business is not that easy. If you are from any other country (other than United States), then check the UAV/UAS laws of that country.

2. Join a Club and Learn the Trade:

It goes without saying that it is always better to work with an experienced trainer than to explore the skies by yourself. Join a community to learn all the tricks of the trade if you are serious about aerial photography. Safety is the top priority and these clubs can teach you how to prevent any untoward incidents and be 100% safe.

aerial photography

A picture captured using a drone

3. Choose the Right Drone:

Joining a club can help you with this, study different drone models and find out the important features and tech specifications of those models. You can buy small drones like ‘DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter’ for less than $1000. This model also has an integrated FPV camcorder and can help you capturing some stunning visuals. If you just want to start of with something pretty basic then you can check the Blade Nano QX. However for shooting good aerial photography it is advisable to opt for a mid-range model.

4. Practice Makes you Perfect:

Practice is the key to success, it is also important to practice a lot using the manual mode (initially), as that could prevent a lot of crashes whenever the GPS goes out. Only regular practice can teach you about all the features of your gear and also its limitations. Knowing the limitations is important whenever you venture in to new and uncharted territories.

Good Luck.



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