The Difference Between Digicams And Film Cameras

Film CamerasDigicams Digital cameras – abbreviated as digicams – are the newest and most convenient method of taking photos today. While these cameras may seem daunting to people, especially members of the older generation, they are really quite easy to use. One big advantage of a digicam: you never run out of film. Let’s take a look at the differences between a digicam and a regular, old fashion film camera.

Powering your camera is the first thing to cover. Both digicams and film cameras usebatteries to power them so that you can snap the photo you want. There is nothing more frustrating than your batteries dying. Most film cameras, however, use disposable batteries to power the flash. Digicams use the batteries to power the whole camera. Most models or both types of cameras use disposable AA-sized batteries, but some digicams also come with Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These type of batteries last longer in your digicam than standard disposable one.

When you take pictures with a standard camera, you can snap them in a multitude of frame sizes and at different resolutions depending on how fast the shutter opens and closes. These are imprinted on film and needs to be developed by a professional. Digicams use a special chip to record the photos that you take and many of them offer you different options and features for your frame sizes and resolutions. Developing is a matter of downloading the pictures onto a computer and printing them, something that can be down at home.

In order to frame the picture you wish to take, you look through the optical viewfinder, line up the shot, and then snap the pictures. Digicam owners can line up their shots using the optical viewfinder or they can use the small LCD screen on the back of the camera to line up the shot. The LCD will show you exactly what the picture will look like before you take it, which saves many people’s heads from being cut off in the picture.

As mentioned earlier, in order to see the pictures taken with a traditional film camera, you need to have the film developed first. Then you pass around the glossy pictures and everyone gets the chance to see them. In order to have them developed and printed, however, you must take the film to a professional photo lab and wait as little as an hour or up to a week in order to get the photos. With a digicam you can immediately download the picture from your camera onto your computer, view and the print the ones you want without waiting and without having to pay someone to print them. With the many different photo papers available on the market today, you can save a lot of money printing your own digicam pictures as many times as you wish.



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