Top Tips To Get the Most From A Fashion Photo shoot

Unlike regular photo shoots, working with a professional model or undertaking a Fashion clothing photo shoot  requires a certain degree of preparation and planning. For some photographers it might even be an intimidating task.

If you are someone who regularly shoot family members and friends, mostly on important occasions, a vacation or at special events, then you have a greater margin of error and can get away with a few mistakes. However if you are aspiring to take things further and are trying your hand at a modeling shoot or fashion clothing shoot in a professional studio set up, then you might be overawed with the occasion. You will see a lot of assistants and MUAs running around to make sure even tiny details like eyelash or even the crease of the garment is in place.

If you are new to this and are running the show in a shoe string budget then most likely you will be the photographer, casting agent and an assistant rolled in to one. There is a huge boom in the microstock photography enabling photographers of this kind to grow fast.

Fashion Clothing Photoshoot

This article is about the important tips you need to remember when you start with a fashion clothing photoshoot.

  1. Find the right models – There are hundreds of model agencies and most of these agencies will have a lot of fresh faces that need test shoots.  There are also websites like model mayhem where you can find fresh faces. In either case you will find several models who are willing to work on a Time For Print (TFP) basis. It would be better to opt for those models who do their own make-up, as that would reduce the efforts required for coordinating things.
  2. Learning About the Fashion Brand – It is extremely important to learn everything about the fashion clothing brand that you are working for. This is also important because the studio that you choose should be in sync with the brand image. The client should also be happy about the model and the studio that you choose. For instance one of the  market leaders in personalized clothing and promotional wear, handpicks its models based on their brand identity.
  3. Coordination – Once you understand the brand, and have decided on the model and studio, then it is time for coordination. Pick a few dates and check the availability of both the parties, choose the right date and time. Go ahead and pay the deposit (advance) for the studio. Communication is the key to success in this field. You can also go ahead and create a posing guide to avoid any gaps in communication. Call both the studio and the model a couple days before to reconfirm their availability.
  4. Foolproof preparation – You can ask a friend to be your assistant for the day. Get refreshments like soft drink or juices and some snacks for your model. Get the instruments, props and accessories on time.

Finally, be professional and respectful at all times with both the studio and the model.
Happy Shooting!



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