Wedding photography ideas, significance and creativity

Being the subject of wedding photography is a great challenge and you will definitely enjoy living the moments with your chosen person. There are many people who want to have uniqueness and something apart, something that makes others think that they are special that they are more than just a simple couple getting their wedding pictures.

Choosing the best locations

Wedding photographerNow, as far as the best locations go, you need to pick them carefully. It all depends on your preferences and on the wedding season. The spring season inspires us with some types of ideas, the summer season with others and so forth. These ideas keep us moving from location to location in the search of the place that we’d like to memorize forever as the place where we managed to take awesome pictures on the most beautiful day.

If you stay in a huge city, it’s not always a good idea to go to business centers or locations like that. I don’t say that those locations are not good, but they are not appropriate for wedding pictures. However, if you only take a couple of pictures and it’s really something super-awesome, then it’s definitely worth a try.

If you start to think about people who took pictures that were so great, you can quickly find out what they actually did. They only made sure to have the following aspects deeply taken into consideration:

  • A unique location. In every city, in every corner of every single country, there are locations that are less popular to visitors and photographers than others. Choosing such locations will allow you to be at least one step forward from the very beginning!
  • Photographers, especially when it comes to wedding, play with shades, light, colors and everything you can think of. These color plays and other creative things can be learnt from books, from photo blogs and many other locations. I encourage everyone to learn such things!
  • Experiment with different expressions on the newlyweds’ face and take pictures from as many angles as possible –this is the key to real photo success. Nowadays, it’s so easy to have amazing wedding pictures taken by professionals. You only need to dare and to take some time to make sure that you allow yourself to enjoy every bit of your wedding album.
  • It is advisable to have a separate photo session sometime after the wedding day. The wedding day is always full of tension, unexpected situations and so on. I don’t say that great pictures aren’t to be taken on the day (even more, they must be taken!), but it’s important to have a separate session to have quality and preferential locations.

It’s not a shame to consult with parents, friends and others to find out about great locations. Although everyone has his or her own favorite places, it’s not sure that you have the best locations in your mind. Be open-minded to hear other people’s advices, ideas and whatever they can offer you.

I strongly recommend trying outdoor and indoor locations likewise. It is indeed surprising to have favorites from your wedding album and it’s fascinating, it’s stunning if you have a huge diversity of pictures to have preferences from.

Choosing the photographer

Wedding PhotographyIf you think that the average or older wedding photographer is your best selection, make sure you think twice. Experienced photographers indeed have their hundreds or thousands of weddings behind, where they took amazing photos. However, this also tells us sometimes – unfortunately enough – that they might be fixed on their own decisions, on their own ideas and on high prices. I mean, seriously! You already have a lot of tension on the wedding day and you always want to cut down expenses.

Young wedding photographers, if chosen wisely based on their CVs, on their portfolios and biographies, have a lot of amazing qualities. Their best qualities are:

  • Youngsters always have the flexibility to listen to you. You might have your preferences and amazing ideas and a young photographer will honor your desires, he will honor your will. Obviously, he will professionally advise you on what to change or how to make things differently, but the experience is tension-free.
  • Prices are way lower. When I say way lower – I mean whooaa! It’s really low! Surprisingly, that doesn’t mean that the quality suffers. No, sir! The wedding picture quality will be amazing, those photos you are going to see in the end will make you want to cry from joy and emotions.
  • These professionals always take the time to study new things. Studying new things is what keeps the world going and if you are flexible in these things, you’ll definitely be able to provide something special. That’s why young photographers are simply great!


Wedding photography Figure Eight IslandWedding photography is done for your own good, to have a sound memory of what happened on your wedding day. Although many people say they won’t forget the details, you get to forget them after a couple of years. Also, when you want to review your favorite moments, where will you start looking? In the album, of course, that’s where you will seek your finest memories.

When your best friends visit you, when Christmas time is coming – it’s so amazing to sit down and look at wedding pictures!

Final thoughts

I recommend everyone that they freely make decisions and choose creative ideas themselves. Be inspired, but never forget to be yourself and to fully enjoy every part of the wedding, including the photo session(s).

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