What to look for when choosing a new camcorder or digicam

new camcorder or digicamA camcorder is a portable device that is capable of recording videos and taking still photographs. But aside from the cold science of it, a camcorder lets you catch those special moments such as your baby’s first steps or a wedding.

When you start looking for a camcorder, you could feel slightly overwhelmed with all of the choice. Because of this, it is worth having a little understanding about what it is you are looking for. There are many components in the camcorder that need to be taken into account including; the type, Battery, Optical/Digital Zoom, Lens Quality and Size.
Type – A Camcorder comes in with many types according to the type and quality of the recording media it uses. A Hi-8 Camcorder will be a good option if you want something cheaper and one that records 8mm cassette tapes. If you are looking for compatibility with a DVD player go for DVD or MiniDV camcorder. The ones who look for editing their videos on a computer can choose a hard disk or a memory card Camcorder that offers direct connectivity with a computer through USB 2.0. A High Definition Camcorder truly the friend of professionals offers every recording media with a very high video quality as well as still photography.
Battery – A long battery life is key so that it doesn’t cut out and miss something important. Be aware that higher capacity batteries will weigh more.

Optical/Digital Zoom – The quality and range of the zoom is a factor if you are going to be wanting to record from distance. There are a wide range of zoom combinations available and it is worth talking with a sales representative in the store about your needs in this area.
Lens Quality – The quality of the lens is key to a sharp image. May of the different brands have their top lens brands for example, Sony offers Carl Zeiss Lens, Samsung features Schneider Kreuznach Lenses and Panasonic offers Leica Lens.
Size – What do you want your camcorder for? Will you just be using it at home or are you about to embark on a round the world trip. This should be taken into consideration so that you can choose an appropriate size.

It is worth taking some time to consider the above points before you start visiting stores so that you have a clearer idea about what you are looking for when you arrive.



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