Why Real Estate Image Editing Is in High Demand During Winters

The use of real estate images is continually growing and setting new highs, which is because the vast majority of homebuyers that use the Internet use photos. According to the National Association of Realtors report last year, 84 percent of homebuyers online found photos “very useful.”

With the percentage of people using the Internet constantly growing, and an upward trend in the percentage of people that respond that photos are helpful, it is easy to see that real estate images are here to stay. In the coming years it will be increasingly critical to your online success that you use real estate images.

Meanwhile, it is very important that those images be of a high quality. That means that they should be properly framed in order to showcase the strengths of the home and showcase a bright, welcoming home. Ideally, all outside shots should be taken on a bright day, with a clear blue sky behind the home. Clouds can cause the image to appear washed out, and the brightness of the white clouds can make everything else appear dim. In addition, gray clouds set a gloomy scene.

Real Estate Image Editing is Critical in the Winter

Of course, you can’t just sit around and wait for the perfect day to take a real estate image. Sometimes you’re going to have to do your real estate photography on a cloudy day, or even on a rainy day. This is particularly true during the winter, when the percentage of cloudy, rainy and snowy days goes up.

Real Estate Image EditingDuring the winter, there can be stretches of time when you’ll go a week without seeing a sunny day. This is why real estate image editing is in such high demand during the winter. This is particularly evident in external shots, as the real estate image editing can make the day look brighter. An expert real estate image editor can perform a sky change to swap out the gloomy sky for a bright, blue sky.

This will brighten up the whole picture and make the home look more appealing. In addition, since there isn’t sunlight on the outside of the home naturally, some real estate image editing can be done in order to add brightness and sharpness to the picture.

This real estate image editing will make the home look nicer, which will entice more people to read the full ad and come out and see the home.

Real estate image editing is effective on interior shots as well. During the winter, when the sky is not as bright and the sun isn’t shining as much, even homes that have good sunlight may appear a bit darker and drearier inside. When the lighting is not good, some real estate image editing may be necessary to make the home appear brighter and more inviting to potential buyers.

With more and more people relying on real estate photos to choose which homes to see and which to ignore, real estate image editing is in high demand, especially in the winter.



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