Your Guide to Buying Professional Photography Equipment

If you have been enjoying learning about photography, you might be ready to take the next step. You probably started with a point-and-shoot camera. Then perhaps you moved on to something more sophisticated. Now you might want to take your hobby more seriously or even start making some money from your photos. If you want to go further, you need a professional camera. However, that’s not the only piece of equipment you need if you want to start taking more professional photos. Some of the other things you might need include lenses, a tripod, and software. Use this guide to work out how to choose the best products.

Start with the Camera

Before you start looking at accessories, you obviously need a camera. There can be a lot of complicated things to consider before you buy, so it’s worth doing a lot of research. There are two main types to consider that professional photographers use. You can use a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. A DSLR is more affordable for someone looking for their first professional camera. You can find second-hand DSLR cameras that will cost less than either mirrorless or DSLR cameras new. Try searching specifically for entry-level cameras that people recommend for your first one.


Once you have your camera, you might want to buy some extra lenses. These allow you to take better photos and use different effects. You will often get a lens with your new camera if it comes with accessories. If you want to buy more, they can get very expensive. You might want to buy a zoom lens that will also stabilize images, such as a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L. Before you buy any lenses, you should consider what sort of photography you do. If you like wildlife photography, you might consider different lenses to those who take photos of people.


A tripod can be a very helpful accessory to have. Not everyone will want one, but many people find it useful. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you might find that a tripod is necessary for portraits. Although a tripod might seem simple, it doesn’t mean that you can get away with buying the cheapest one. You want to be able to set it up quickly and possibly carry it around easily too. You also need a ball head to go on your trip so you can adjust your camera’s position to your liking.


After you’ve taken your photos, you’re likely to want to edit them. You might already have been using some editing software. However, you could consider getting something more professional if you don’t already have it. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular programs for photographers. You can get Photoshop but many photographers find they don’t use many of its features. Capture One Pro is also a popular choice you might want to think about.

Camera equipment can be expensive, so it’s essential to consider each purchase carefully. Make sure that everything fulfills your needs. But also don’t go overboard with features you don’t need.



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