Canon SC2000 Soft Carrying Case for select Canon Camcorders

Canon SC2000 Soft Carrying Case for select Canon Camcorders – Product Description:

Canon SC2000 Soft Carrying CaseFits all CANON camcorders except GL2, GL1, XL1S, XL1. Protect your investment with this stylish, professional-quality soft carrying case, specifically designed for Canon’s ZR and Elura series camcorders. It offers ample room for storage for your camcorder and power adapter and features secure compartments for filters and extra battery packs.

Product Features :

  • Professional-quality soft carrying case for select Canon camcorders
  • Ample room for camcorder and power adapters
  • Secure, zippered compartments for accessories and battery packs
  • Compatible with Canon ZR90, ZR85, ZR80, Elura 70, Elura 65, and Elura 60 camcorders

Canon SC2000 Soft Carrying Case for select Canon Camcorders – Review:


I purchased this camera bag to go along with the Canon HG10 camcorder. The bag is very nice in that it has multiple internal compartments and pockets, as well as external zipper compartments on every side of the bag. Also, it has a false bottom inside the bag which serves as a cushion in case the bag is dropped, but it can also double as additional storage space.

Initially, I too noticed that the bag is much bigger than necessary for carrying such a small camcorder as the HG10. However, when it arrives brand new, there are rectangular foam pieces in each zipper compartment to prevent it from losing it’s shape. I simply took one of these foam pieces and trimmed it to fill the extra empty space around the camera in the main compartment. Now the camera fits in nice and snug with additional foam cushioning surrounding it.

With all of the space, pockets, and compartments, I am able to fit the camera and every possible accessory into this bag. Currently I am carrying the camera, the power cable and AC adapter, 2 spare batteries, a mini-tripod, the USB cable, the standard A/V cable, the HD component cable, the remote control, and the product manuals, and there is still a lot of empty space and empty pockets. Luckily, the HG10 does not require media since it is hard-disk based, but there would be ample room to carry mini-dv’s, DVD’s, or any other blank media if the camera required it.

All in all I think it is a great bag and it fulfills all of my camera and accessory carrying needs.



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