Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD High-Definition Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom

Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD High-Definition Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom – Product Description:

Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD High-Definition Camcorder with 20x Optical ZoomThe excellence of the XH A1 begins with its Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens with Professional L Series Fluorite. Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization corrects for a wide range of camera movement and vibration, and Instant AF (Auto Focus) ensures ultra-quick, accurate focus. The DIGIC DV II HD image processor then ensures improved color reproduction and noise reduction – for a final result that is the zenith of image quality.If you need advanced image control, the XH A1 gives you features that let you make manual adjustments to fine-tune your video. If you prefer to concentrate on your subject and let your camcorder take care of exposure and image controls, the XH A1 let you do that as well.

Product Features :

  • Captures true 1080 resolution, widescreen (16:9) HD video
  • 2.8-inch widescreen LCD monitor; .57-inch viewfinder
  • 20x HD zoom lens; Super-range optical image stabilization
  • Three 1/3-inch 16:9 CCDs (1.67 megapixels)
  • DIGIC DV II HD image processor
  • 2.8-inch widescreen LCD monitor , 0.57-inch viewfinder
  • 20x HD zoom lens , Super-range optical image stabilization

Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD High-Definition Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom – Review:


About 1 year ago I bought an XL-H1 and a Sony HVR-A1U to do work on a documentary. Though the Sony has proved to be a great camera in its own right, it doesn’t cut well with the XL-H1, and the image quality in bright light was near as good, in darker settings, things just fell apart. So I bought this camera XH-A1. I thought when I bought the XL-H1 I would end up buying a second when I could afford it, but I found no compelling reason on a couple of counts. (1) Jack pack is wonderful if you are planning to haul around a RAID array and a generator. I’m sure this would be allot of fun for the run a gunner like myself 😉 (sarcasm). Even though I have heard people criticize the HDV format for compression and artifacts not seen as much with the uncompressed format you get from the HD/SDI output.. I personally think maybe its 1 person in a 1000 who could tell the difference in the end (and they might be faking, I can’t). This pictures is NOTHING short of Stunning period. (2) I thought having two cameras that I could syncronize with the clocks would be really needed.. but its really not that difficult to do in an editor by just finding a synchronizing frame (like a handshake, etc) and going from there. (3) I wanted the TC output to drive an external 24 bit audio recorder (this camera doesn’t have it the HL-H1 does). Well, after getting it to work, I never used it.. I did lots of 24 bit recording, but like the video, it was easy enough to synchronize externally in the editor later. The autofocus on this camera is hugely improved over the xl-h1. I NEVER run the XL-H1 in “auto” anything, this camera I do as it seems to have more smarts, though I STRONGLY suggest putting the gain into “LOW” not auto and setting it for -3 in the menu setups. Also, Always do manual white balance. I still favor running about everything in manual as its better control and fewer unexpected problems, but I would trust this camera far more than the XL-H1 in auto.

For me, there are only two downsides to this camera (1) Wide angle lens – I know there is a screw on available, I haven’t tried it.. but the $3K canon wide angle lens (almost the same price as this camera!) is just amazing, I wonder how great this one is. (2) Power of the big camera.. as much of a joke as it may sound.. I have gotten several interviews and in several places because the XL-H1 is huge, expensive, and professional looking. I have walked though security at events because the guys “assume” I am with something official (just an independent doc), and have seen them stop guys with huge expensive still cameras, etc.. its actually very funny, but if you understand human nature.. it makes people take you seriously. The XH-A1 performs every bit as good, but lacks that effect to the same degree (though it still looks pretty “professional”). I hope that helps.

Last comment, unless you’re going to film (I think 24F is pretty bogus) try 30F, looks much smoother and better. People fell in love with the distortion of vinal recordings, but it was still distortion. 24F (p) is the same thing.. looks jerky, maybe more like a movie, but if you have a better technology why on earth would you like something inferiour? My 2 Cents.



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