Panasonic AG-AF100 Digital Camcorder

Panasonic AG-AF100 Digital Camcorder – 3.5″ LCD – Live MOS – Full HD – Product Description:

Panasonic AG-AF100 Digital CamcorderPanasonic AG-AF100 Digital Camcorder – 3.5″ LCD – Live MOS – Full HD AG-AF100 Camcorders

Product Features :

  • 4/3″-type Image Sensor with Digital Still Camera Technology: The same digital single lens still camera technology that’s gathering widespread attention for its innovative techniques has been applied to this camcorder
  • Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount: A wide variety of lenses for Micro Four Thirds standard digital SLR cameras can be used for shooting movies. With the mount adapter, it’s also possible to mount 35mm film camera lenses and prime lenses, for rendering images that maximize lens characteristics
  • Extended Recording in AVCHD High-Quality PH Mode: The AVCHD recording format used by the AG-AF100 includes a professional PH mode with maximum AVCHD bit rate for stunning image quality. Two SD card slots allow continuous recording for up to 12hrs PH mode/48 hours in HE mode (2 – 64GB cards)
  • Multi HD Format & New VFR Recording Function: Recording can be made in multiple HD formats: 1080 60i/50i/30p/25p/24p; 720 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p. The new VFR (Variable Frame Rate) recording function in full HD (1920 x 1080) progressive mode is also supported
  • A Professional Design with HD-SDI, XLR & Other Interfaces: The AG-AF100 features HD-SDI and HDMI output, XLR 2-channel audio input and other interfaces that are typically found on professional camcorders. Timecode recording also supports precise video production

Panasonic AG-AF100 Digital Camcorder – Customer Review:


I have bought this video camera three days after it was available in the market, though it took me sometime to receive it. It has excellent futures, 2x XLR inputs for professional stereo sound. Very good in low light conditions and it doesn’t have the antialiasing problems that DSLR’s got. I also owe a Canon 5D but if you are more into filming than photography it is thumbs up from me!



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