Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder with 10.6 MP Still and 12x Optical Zoom

Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder with 10.6 MP Still and 12x Optical Zoom – Product Description:

Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD CamcorderPanasonic’s latest introduction to its popular AVCCAM line, the AG-HMC40 handheld, combines full HD AVCHD video recording with high-resolution 10.6-megapixel still photo capture, giving you the benefits of two professional cameras in one affordable package.Compact and lightweight at 2.16-pounds, the HMC40 is a versatile HD camcorder offering high-quality AVCHD recordings, high-resolution still photo capture, an easy-to-use SD card workflow, and professional audio capabilities for a wide range of applications and markets including schools, government agencies, event videographers, web designers and more.

Product Features :

  • Three newly designed 1/4.1″ Progressive 3MOS Imagers for full HD resolution.
  • Extremely slow, smooth zoom for the precise control needed for dramatic sequences
  • Time Date Stamp enables shooting Legal Depositions or Surveillance
  • The HMC40 is a versatile HD camcorder offering high-quality AVCHD recordings and high-resolution still photo capture
  • The compact camera is also packed with professional video and audio features

Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder – Review:


It was a long wait but finally got it last week and then took it for a trip right away, its performance it’s outstanding, I got this camera for a TV show we are producing, after seeing a few options we decided to get this one because of several reasons:

– Size, the camera is very compact, for a camera that provides broadcast quality image the size is amazingly small.
– Construction, this camera has most of its body made out with metal panels, that makes it very solid and also makes it reliable, also the set up of the buttons are easy to access.
– Price, there are other models in the market that could deliver a similar quality or probably a little better but the cost is at least $1k more, if you think like I do “creativity is the main ingredient for a good production”, spending the extra cash doesn’t really make a difference as long as you are aware of the camera’s capabilities and limitations, but there is always ways to improve performance in some conditions that could affect the correct functionality of your equipment.
– Tapeless technology, we bought another AVCHD camera a little less than a year ago, we use it mostly for action shots and underwater recording, the transition was effortless, the advantages and capturing time are reduced to minimal and the quality is amazing, with this model we found that its quality is even better than older models and editing is a lot quicker, also recording cost are cut to almost nothing with new SDHC cards that can be used over and over without loosing quality… Just this fact makes it a must buy!!!

After using it for this little time I have managed to work around its many controls and get exactly what I want from it, the response to low light is not the best but it’s decent, you can always add a good light for little money and resolve that problem, also the sound quality is excellent, I didn’t get the optional xlr adapter piece for it but I am using a 8mm wireless mic system that combined with this little fellow deliver great results!!

In short words: “the new Panasonic AG-HCM40 is not the best camera money can buy but ,to my opinion, it’s the best camera money can buy for this price!!”



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