Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera

Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera – Product Description:

Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera The MOLE is the all-in-one network camera for all your social network communities. A simple 3-step steup gets this Wi-Fi camera up and running. Sophisticated built-in motion detection controls what you record, and will notify you via Twitter or email if the MOLE catches something. You can remotely control the pan & tilt angles, and monitor or record video from anywhere in the world. View it from your iPhone, or any web browser. Enjoy.

Product Features :

  • With 3 simple steps you can get your mole up and running, without needing complex technological know how
  • You can remotely control the pan (270 degree) and tilt (125 degree) of your mole from any web browser and iphone
  • Built-in DVR (SD card required, SD card not included)
  • When the motion detection captures something, you can get immediate notifications with image attachments via email or twitter,
  • Sophisticated motion detection enables you to control how much movement will trigger a recording
  • When the motion detection captures something, you can get immediate notifications with image attachments via email or twitter.

Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera – Customer Review:


I’ve always been curious about what goes on at home when I’m not there. What do my dogs do all day? Can I watch my new little baby play and maybe take its first steps while I’m at work? This product is one of the simplest electronic products I’ve ever set-up. All I had to do was plug-in the camera, attach it to my home router and log in to the Astak site. My cameras were up and running.

This product can be used for so many different purposes: to be a video security/surveillance system, check on things at a business or home, or whatever else you can think of doing. Check out the stuff posted on You Tube. People actually caught people robbing their business.

This is what I like about this product:

1. Setup was a breeze
2. Only one wire to plug it into an outlet for power.
3. I can move the cameras around as needed. For example, some days I put it in my garage to watch the dogs while I’m gone. On other days, I have the camera sitting on the dresser in the babies room.
4. They are linked to your internet wirelessly
5. The website and camera functions are very easy to use
6. The image quality is great and the night vision works awesome.
7. I can share my camera with my family anywhere so that they can see whats going on. (Even my Brother-In-Law in the Army)
8. The range of my camera seemed just as good or better than my wireless home phone.
9. Works great with my iPhone to check in via the web.
10. The Yoics software program is very easy to use and easy to see other family members camera on a secure network. ( Many additional features also for remote desktop applications)
11. Directly posts videos to You Tube
12. Email alerts, motion detection, scheduled recording times, etc.
13. 270 degree turning radius with full tilt
14. Audio- so you can remotely hear what’s going on
15. Remote viewing,sharing, and controlling

This is what I wish the product would do better:

1. Provide me with an iPhone app soon so that I can quickly check-in with one push of a button
2. Have a way for me to zoom into an area to get more clarity.
3. Have a battery back-up

Overall, I think the product is excellent for people that want to see what’s going on in places when they are not there and they are not tech savy enough to hook up more difficult systems. I would recommend this for anyone and plan on buying more cameras in the future.



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