Canon Speedlite 220EX for Canon EOS SLR Cameras – Old Version

Canon Speedlite 220EX for Canon EOS SLR Cameras – Old Version – Product Description:

Canon Speedlite 220EX for Canon EOS SLR Cameras - Old VersionFeaturing a recycle time of 0.1 to 4.5 seconds, the Canon Speedlite 220EX is a fully automatic flash, compatible with all Canon EOS cameras. The 220EX can also utilize E-TTL operation when paired with the Canon EOS IX, EOS ELAN II/IIE, and EOS Rebel G. Sporting a save-energy feature, whereby the flash is shut down after 90 seconds of idle, the 220EX is powered by four AA batteries, and has a flash capacity between 250 and 1,700. The convenience and ease of use ensure the 220EX a place in the hands of amateur photographers who want a high-quality flash, but aren’t interested in learning to use the professional features of Canon’s other offerings.


Product Features :

  • Recycle time is 0.1 to 4.5 seconds
  • Flash range is 2.3 to 63 feet
  • Flash capacity is 250 to 1,700
  • E-TTL operation helps ensure quality pictures
  • Powered by AA batteries

Canon Speedlite 220EX for Canon EOS SLR Cameras – Old Version – Review:


Having just purchased a Canon PowerShot G1 digital camera a few weeks ago, I felt the built-in flash to be of OK performance, but it was far from what I was used to using with some of my older SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras.

After reading the review here on the 220EX, I decided to go for it. I have seen the other EX offerings, and they are really big flash units. Since the G1 is pretty compact, I figured the 220EX would be the best fit. And after having used it for a while, I know I made the best choice. With 4 AA batteries in the flash, it’s pretty heavy (especially in addition to the already somewhat heavy G1). Throw on your lens(es) of choice, and you have a camera of substantial size and weight.

But getting back to the flash, it’s so user-friendly that you’ll be taking great pictures in minutes. The real light metering works wonders, even in conditions where the subject you’re taking a picture of is in complete darkness. I was really happy with how well this flash lit up rooms, evenly and naturally.

This flash is a great value, and comes highly recommended, as is the camera that I bought it for, the PowerShot G1.



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