Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash for Canon SLR Cameras

Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash for Canon SLR Cameras – Product Description:

Canon Speedlite 320EX FlashIn a first for Canon Speedlites, the versatile new Speedlite 320EX features an LED light on the front of the flash body that can be used to illuminate nearby subjects in dim light. The light is ideal for video recording but can also be used as a modeling light or as an AF assist beam during Live View shooting. When used with EOS DSLRs that have integrated Speedlite transmitters, the Speedlite 320EX can be used as a wireless slave unit positioned off-camera. A flash release function further facilitates wireless flash shooting by enabling the shutter to be released remotely from the Speedlite 320EX with a two-second delay, which gives the photographer time to re-aim the flash if necessary. The Speedlite 320EX combines rich bounce functionality with high performance, ensuring smooth, professional-looking results.

Product Features :

  • Built-in LED light can be used to illuminate nearby subjects in dim light –
  • Versatile vertical and horizontal bounce capability provides an extended range of possible lighting effects.
  • Flash release function triggers the camera wirelessly from the flash on a 2-second delay,
  • Wireless Slave function supports three groups and four channels, allowing the flash to be positioned off-camera.
  • Flash coverage switched by extending or retracting flash head, with Normal (24mm full-frame equivalent, max. Guide No. 79 ft./24m at ISO 100)
  • Providing up to four hours of continuous lighting with fully charged AA batteries.
  • Tele (50mm full-frame equivalent, max. Guide No. 105 ft./32m at ISO 100) settings.
  • Especially useful when shooting video, as a modeling light or as an AF assist beam,
  • Allows the flash to be repositioned to illuminate the subject.
  • Built-In Led Light Can Be Used To Illuminate Nearby Subjects In Dim Light
  • Versatile Vertical & Horizontal Bounce Capability Provides An Extended Range Of Possible Lighting Effects
  • Flash Release Function Triggers The Camera Wirelessly From The Flash On A 2-Sec Delay, Allowing The Flash To Be Repositioned To Illuminate The Subject
  • Wireless Slave Function Supports 3 Groups & 4 Channels, Allowing The Flash To Be Positioned Off-Camera
  • Flash Coverage Can Be Switched By Extending Or Retracting Flash Head

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Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash for Canon SLR Cameras – Review:


This compact external flash when mounted on my T3i actually feels as if it’s a part of the camera. The very secure locking hot shoe mount is true precision. The added flexibility in low light using any conceivable bounce position produces far more natural looking images than the built in flash. The slave, external camera triggering and LED video/modeling light features will make you wonder how you could have produced good indoor photos without this flash. The versatility gained by using this feature loaded accessory easily justifies its reasonable price.



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