Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope – Product Description:

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel ScopeThe Celestron 21035 Travel Scope 70 is a compact 70mm refractor telescope optimized for portability and convenience. The telescope, the tripod, and all the accessories fit conveniently into a padded backpack style soft carrying case. The complete accessory package includes a 45 degree correct image prism, a 20mm eyepiece for 20X magnification, and a 10mm eyepiece for 40X. The fully illustrated instruction manual is supplemented by a copy of “The Sky X” astronomy software that turns your PC into a virtual planetarium.

With a focal length of 400mm and a focal ratio of f/5.7, the Travel Scope 70 compares surprisingly well with popular f/5 “Short Tube 80” refractors but at a much lower cost. The Travel Scope 70 uses a number of plastic components to keep the cost and weight down, including a plastic focuser and plastic lens shade, but the all glass lenses deliver beautiful views of backyard birds during the daytime and lovely views of the Moon and stars at night.

The Travel Scope 70 offers daytime views that compare with more expensive spotting scopes. The 20mm eyepiece gives 20X magnification and a 2.5 degree field of view, with plenty of crisp detail when I’m looking at backyard birds. The travel Scope 70 is also quick and easy to set up at night. The deep orange glow of the recent Lunar Eclipse was simply gorgeous, and I was even able to take some pictures using the Travel Scope 70 and a PowerShot camera. When I look at Jupiter using the 10mm eyepiece (40X magnification) I can easily see four moons near the planet. And rich field views of the Milky Way are often at their best in a small scope with a wide field of view.

The tripod included with the Travel Scope 70 is described as a “full size photo tripod”, but I like it best as a table-top tripod with the legs kept short. The tripod is designed to be light and compact, but that means the legs are thin and wobbly when fully extended. —Jeff Phillips


  • Light, portable, and affordable
  • Excellent wide field views
  • Padded backpack style case
  • High and low power eyepieces
  • The Sky X software included


  • Light weight tripod
  • Plastic finder and focuser

Travel Scope 70 was designed with traveling in mind. Highest quality materials used to ensure stability and durability. Minimal maintenance

Product Features :

  • All coated glass optical elements for clear crisp images
  • Smooth functioning altazimuth mount with easy pointing to located objects
  • Preassembled aluminum full size photographic tripod

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope – Review:


It is a nice telescope for the fledgling hobbyist or for those that need to leave the city to see the stars. Easy to set up and maintain. The tripod that comes with it leaves much to be desired though. Its simply too light and will make the telescope jump as your trying to view through it. It is also hard to make fine adjustments. Expect to buy to better tripod.
That said the telescope is decently powered with its 2 eye pieces. Celestron is using the standard eye piece size so if you want a little more magnification just buy the appropriate eye piece. They are easy to find. Overall I expected as much and am pleased with what I got.



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