Digital PRO-E Kit

Digital PRO-E Kit – Product Description:

Digital PRO-E Kit The amazing benefits of the Custom Bracket’s Digital PRO-E Kit include its professional -looking design, its easy rotation function that utilizes roller bearings from horizontal to vertical and its construction with anodized black aluminum for lightweight strength.

There is no lubrication needed with The Digital PRO-E Kit. It is designed to be maintenance free. It features optimal flash height for eliminating red eye and shadows and a comfortable foam grip on left side. It also fits in camera bags with compact design.  The Digital PRO-E Kit also includes a palm grip for comfort and support while holding the bracket and zooming. It is Custom Brackets’ lightest and simplest bracket weighing slightly over 1 pound.

**Not recommended for use with Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2, or Metz 54, 70, and 76 (Grip on bracket will block the infrared signal). We suggest the Digital PRO for the use with these products.


  • Weight:  17 oz.   (482 g)
  • Bracket Dimensions:  10-7/8” high, 7-3/8” wide, 2-3/4” deep
  • Metric Dimensions:  27.6cm high, 18.7cm wide, 7.0cm deep
  • Center of lens to bottom of flash:  11”   (28cm)
  • 1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting bracket to tripod
Product Features :

  • Professional looking design
  • Easy to rotate using roller bearings from horizontal to vertical
  • Anodized black aluminum for lightweight and strength
  • No lubrication needed – designed maintenance free
  • Optimal flash height for eliminating red eye and shadows

Digital PRO-E Kit – Customer Review:


I bought this bracket to replace a Press-T. I wanted a bracket that flips the camera easily to keep the flash in the same position. This bracket worked perfectly. The slight drawback to the camera attachment clip to the tripod is that I have a larger 5DII with a heavy lens, and I have to make sure I have steady hands to make the connection. It’s great after that. The bracket works perfectly and is more useful than I expected. I’ve used it for many portrait shoots now and the cost is definitely worth it. No harsh shadow or red eye. Balance is great with the left grip. Use indoors and out!



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