Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector

Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector – Product Description:

Discovery Expedition Entertainment ProjectorMake every night movie night with the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall projector. The Wonderwall–which connects to your TV, DVD, camcorder, or video game console–projects an image up to 7.5 feet wide on any wall in your home, even the ceiling. As a result, you can catch up on your favorite cable series, watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or go for the head shot in Call of Duty on a surface that’s far larger than most TVs. The Wonderwall also offers a 1.7-inch LCD (with 480 x 240 resolution) and built-in stereo sound, giving you a rich audio/visual experience. Plus, the projector is easy to operate, with an intuitive control panel that offers volume, contrast, color, and on/off controls.

Other features include an A/V input, a headphone jack, an LED indicator light, a 1.7-inch LCD, and a 5,500 ppm radiator fan. The Discovery Expedition Wonderwall projector–which includes a standard 50-watt MR-16 halogen bulb for hours of super-sized fun–projects at a distance of up to 6 feet.

Make every night movie night with the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector. Watch TV, DVD movies, home videos, and even play your favorite video games up to 7.5 feet wide (diagonally) on any wall in your home while it’s being projected on your wall or ceiling. With the Enterntainment Projector, the possibilities are endless!

Product Features :

  • Video projector that connects to TV, DVD player, video console, and other devices
  • Projects image up to 7.5 feet wide on any white wall in the home
  • 1.7-inch LCD with 480 x 240 resolution; built-in stereo sound
  • A/V input; comes with standard 50-watt MR-16 halogen bulb
  • Headphone jack and LED indicator light; projects at distance up to 6 feet

Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector – Review:


I read the negative reviews all over the web about this projector, and was nervous to even try it. Well, it was on sale on Black Friday, so I took the plunge. I’m so glad I did, because it performed better than I was expecting.

YES, the image is grainy if you make the image size 6-8 feet across.

YES, the produced image is a little less bright than what you would normally expect from a movie theater projector.

But, this product is perfectly good enough to watch some kids movies on the wall, or play some video games all blown up. I watched a couple of movies, and feel like I made a great purchase.

One other thing to realize- When you project a movie and wind up with a 6-8 foot wide image, you will think it looks grainy just like you do when you sit one foot in front of a television.

Put this projector on maximum distance from the wall, then move back as far back from the movie as possible, and you will see that the farther away you actually go from the image, the clearer it looks. This just seems like common sense.

I get the idea from other reviewers that they expect to blow up a movie to ten feet wide, sit right in front of it on their couch and expect it to look perfect without any grainy appearance. HELLO!??! They wouldn’t sit a foot away from a TV would they?

Some reviewers mentioned the fan being too loud, and that the built-in speaker was insufficient. I disagree. The speaker was actually really good on my unit, and I didn’t even hear the fan at all, laying on the floor 2 feet away from it. Don’t pay attention to those people, this thing exceeded my expectations by a mile.

How I got it setup properly: Hung a white sheet on the wall, because it is assumed white backgrounds will work best. Put DVD player and projector on foldable TV dinner table about 12 feet out from the wall, with the projector on top of a box so that I didn’t have to tilt it up too much to have the image positioned at the top of the wall. Then I turned on video source BEFORE turning on projector, then turned on projector. On the projector I adjusted the contrast by pausing a dvd when text was on the screen. Then I adjusted color. Then I focused the lens by turning the lens housing. I was also able to adjust brightness and contrast directly on my DVD player as well.

Bottom line is if you have kids, and they would get a kick out of projecting movies and games real big on the wall, get this thing.

One more thing you need to know: When you turn off the projector, the red light will flash, and the fan will keep going. This is normal. The fans in most projectors keep running to cool down the unit before totally shutting down.



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