Dolica AX730P105 73-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan Head

Dolica AX730P105 73-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan Head – Product Description:

Dolica AX730P105 73-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan HeadDolica’s 73″ Aluminum Proline Tripod is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography and video recording It is perfect for events, sports activity, capturing that one amazing shot Designed for use with Point-N-Shoot cameras and / or Digital SLR cameras and / or camcorders Tripod Features: Professional Aluminum alloy construction and able to support up to 17.6lbs Base thread: 3/8″ Panhead, quick release plate, bubble level and compass 90 degree vertical platform Standard-wide angle, semi-wide angle, full-wide angle Quick release leg locks and non-slip rubber feet.

Product Features :

  • Dust And Moisture Resistant Release Leg Locks
  • Reversible Locking Center Column
  • 3 Position Leg Angle Adjustment Locks
  • Max Load 17.6 Lbs

Dolica AX730P105 73-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan Head – Review:


If you’re a professional photographer, go look at Manfrotto or some of the other high end brands. If you’re an amateur photographer looking for a good tripod that won’t cut into your lens budget, then look no further.

The ball head is nice, but is sometimes a bit unwieldy, and difficult to set. Sometimes you have to crank down the tightening nut a lot to get it to stay. The snaps that extend the legs are plastic feel cheap, but what can you expect from such an inexpensive tripod?

On the good side, you are getting a ball head tripod, with legs that can be extended past their typical angle. They also have nice padding on them which is great in the Northern climates when you have to work without gloves. The tips of the legs can be rotated to reveal spikes for difficult terrain, and there’s two bubble levels: one on the legs of the tripod, and one on the actual ball head. There’s also a compass, if you need that utility. Even with all that, you still get a pretty nice carrying case.

If you’re looking for a high quality, professional grade tripod, this probably isn’t the one for you. But if you’re an amateur on a budget, you probably won’t find a better tripod for under $150.



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