Elite Screens R84WV1 ezFrame Fixed Projection Screen

Elite Screens R84WV1 ezFrame Fixed Projection Screen – Product Description:

Elite Screens R84WV1 ezFrame Fixed Projection Screen Home Theater Screen with full tension uniformity. Comes with an anodized black aluminum 2.36″ frame thickness with pro-trim black velour surfacing to enhance the appearance with the stylish marked border that absorbs light overshoot. 84″ Inch diagonal with our 1.1 Gain Cine White, Black backed material, 4:3 Aspect Ratio Screen. It provides sliding wall mounts to ensure the installation is properly centered.

Product Features :

  • True-flat tension screen surface
  • 4:3 16:9, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios available
  • Black backed material eliminates light penetration
  • Anodized black aluminum 2.36 inch thick frame with black velour surfacing
  • Sliding wall mounts to ensure the installation is properly centered

Elite Screens R84WV1 ezFrame Fixed Projection Screen – Review:


The screen arrived quickly and was well packaged with the screen material wrapped around a plastic tube and inserted inside another plastic tube (4″ heavy plastic drain pipe). The aluminium frame is quick to put together, it comes in 6 pieces, the sides are one piece and the top and bottom are in two pieces. The top and bottom frame pieces are joined together with small shaped pieces that insert into the extruded frame and are screwed in place through each side of the frame, works well and makes a very neat and strong join between the frame pieces. There are 90 degree corner pieces that insert into the end of each frame and make it very easy to fit the screen together, make sure you measure the diagonals to check everything is square before tightening all the screws. Once the frame is together it is very easy to fit the screen material, there are 6 plastic rods that have to be pushed into a pocket around the edge of the screen material (2 on each on the top and bottom of the screen and 1 on each side)then you stretch the material to fit the rods within a channel in the frame. Plastic clips are then used all round the frame to hold the rod in the frame channel. It produces a nice tight screen with no visible sags or creases.
This was the first frame I have assembled but I had it ready to mount on the wall within 45 minutes and I was taking it slowly! Mounting it on the wall is easy – the supplied brackets work well and it is easy to lift the assembled screen and hook it onto them.

I have the screen mounted in a dedicated media room and am using a Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector, this screen works very well and gives a nice sharp, bright image with good colour reproduction and the felt covered frame is excellent at absorbing any light from the projector that over laps the screen edges. I would highly recommend this screen, far more expensive screens might give you a very slightly better image but you would have to have them side by side to notice!

Ignore the 1 star review above – the dimensions given by Amazon are the screen viewing dimensions and do not include the frame, the dimensions to the the edges of the frame are 109.4″ x 63.4″ check out the manufacturers website for more information (which would be pretty sensible before purchasing any product, finding it didn’t fit then giving it 1 star reviews….)



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