Epson EX3210 SVGA 3LCD Business Projector, 2800 Lumens, VGA, USB, 5.1 lbs

Epson EX3210 SVGA 3LCD Business Projector, 2800 Lumens, VGA, USB, 5.1 lbs – Product Description:

Epson EX3210 SVGA 3LCD Business ProjectorSpectacular Presentations Made Easier. The easy-to-use EPSON EX3210 delivers exceptional performance and versatility. With Epson’s intuitive control features like USB Plug ‘n Play instant setup and our new, breakthrough horizontal image correction with convenient, easy-slide control, setting up your presentation has never been easier. The EX3210 also offers the flexibility to present JPEG slideshows from any thumb drive or USB memory device without a computer. And with Epson’s 3LCD, 3-chip technology and 2800 lumens of color/white light output, the EX3210 will captivate audiences with brilliant images and true-to-life color. The Epson EX3210 is the smart choice for the savvy professional. When you’re ready to step up your game, the EX3210 will be ready for you.

Product Features :

  • SVGA resolution (800 x 600)
  • 2800 lumens color/white light output
  • Easy-slide horizontal image correction
  • USB Plug ‘n Play instant setup

Epson EX3210 SVGA 3LCD Business Projector, 2800 Lumens, VGA, USB, 5.1 lbs – Review:


The Epson EX3210 is an excellent entry level LCD projector. I found it very easy to setup on both PC and Macintosh computers. Oddly, I had a small issue installing the USB driver on my Mac laptop. When I connected the USB cable to my Mac, the mac popped up an alert that it could not identify the keyboard. I dismissed that dialog box and proceeded with the USB video driver installation and once that was done, the projector paired up with the computer easily. No issues whatsoever connecting the VGA cable to the PC with Windows 7. The projector was immediately recognized by the laptop and the computer automatically started sending the video signal to the LCD projector.

Brightness is in my opinion outstanding, even in a bright room with a lot of fluorescent lighting. I had my projector 8 feet from a wall and the image on the wall was roughly 6 feet wide and about 44 inches tall.

I was impressed with the amount of features in this very reasonably priced projector. The image was relatively sharp at 800×600 resolution and a zoom control on the projector was an unexpected feature that allows you to zoom in on photos or whatever is being projected. The keystone adjustments let you correct for off axis projection angles within reason. Just about everything can be controlled with the provided remote control. The remote even includes an electronic pointer function that you can move on the screen via the arrow controls.

A good variety of ports are available including RCA Audio ports, S-Video,VGA cable and there is also a USB TypeA document camera port. A Kensington security lock slot is also available. There is no HDMI connection on this model.

The projector lets you upload a company logo or image of some sort that can be permanently used as the “startup screen” when you first turn the projector on. This can also be password protected thus giving some amount of protection if the projector is stolen. The operation of the projector can also be protected by a password if you wish.

Lamp life is projected to be up to 4000 hours or up to 5000 hours in ECO mode (which reduces lamp brightness and fan noise since the bulb runs cooler). There are several color modes to choose from if you wish to tweak the balance depending on what you are projecting.

Overall I am very pleased with the ease of operation and quality of output provided by the Epson EX3210 multimedia projector.



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