Epson V11H412020 85HD MovieMate, Black

Epson V11H412020 85HD MovieMate, Black – Product Description:

Epson V11H412020 85HD MovieMate, BlackThe On-the-go, High-def, Instant Home Cinema. — Experience the ultimate versatility in widescreen, high-def MM85HD Imagehome entertainment with Epson MovieMate 85HD, a powerful projector, DVD and music player combo that brings you brilliant blockbuster performance. Just plug, load and play. Get larger-than-life entertainment — anytime, day or night — with 2500 lumens color/white light output1 and 720p widescreen performance. A sleek, portable performer, Epson MovieMate 85HD includes a built-in, progressive scan DVD/CD player and dual Dolby® 5.1 Digital DTS® 10 W stereo speakers. Add to that its convenient HDMI connectivity and you’ve got everything you need for amazing HD adventures. Epson MovieMate 85HD works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies up to 12 times larger than they would appear on a 40″, widescreen TV. Setup is easy — all you need is an electrical outlet. And, it features a convenient handle and soft, cushioned carrying case so you can take the show on the road. Enjoy videogames, sports, and more. Plug in your PC, camcorder or digital camera. Use it with your Apple® iPod®. Or, use the built-in microphone input for a night of karaoke. With so many options and an affordable price tag, Epson MovieMate 85HD is truly home entertainment at its best.

Product Features :

  • Enjoy larger-than-life, high-def entertainment – widescreen, 720p (1280 x 800) resolution for amazing high-def movies and more; images up to 12x larger than on a 40″, widescreen TV
  • Ultra bright, even in well-lit rooms – 2500 lumens color light output, 2500 lumens white light output1
  • Cutting-edge connectivity, including HDMI, for maximum flexibility – connect to external highdefinition video sources
  • Brilliant, blockbuster movies – built-in DVD player
  • Just plug, load and play – easy setup; includes 1.2x manual zoom, manual focus and auto keystone correction (+/- 30 degrees)

Epson V11H412020 85HD MovieMate, Black – Review:


I was hesitant to buy this projector, as there are not many reviews out yet, but its predecessor, the moviemate 72 had wonderful reviews so I gave it a shot. I am very glad I did, this projector does everything I want it to. It will play DVD’s in pretty much any format (including AVI), projects well onto my apartment wall, and the built in speakers are decent, though obviously not spectacular.

The only caveat I have is that there is no lens shift built in, which means the projector needs to be pointing straight at the surface it is projecting on. It does allow you to adjust keystone, which means if you are projecting up or down, it maintains a rectangular image, and has a manual focus and zoom. It is not well suited for use as a home theater projector, as it only has 1 hdmi input, 1 component input, and a VGA input, but I suppose if you are building a home theater you will likely have a stereo receiver regardless, which can handle the cable switching needs.

I am very impressed with the brightness, when on full I can use it during the day(with the blinds closed, though some light does come in), and at night it is easy to shift it to “eco” mode, which is supposed to save bulb life. The main benefit I see or actually hear, is the decrease in fan noise. On high brightness, the noise can be a little distracting, but it is by no means overpowering, and with lower brightness it is hard to hear at all.

The projector is very portable, coming with a built in handle and a carry case, I have already brought it over to a few friends houses with ease.



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