Hoodman HCKP H-LPP3, HMAG3.0, HCrane

Hoodman HCKP H-LPP3, HMAG3.0, HCrane – Product Description:

Hoodman HCKP H-LPP3, HMAG3.0, HCraneHoodman adds a smart hot shoe mount for using the HoodLoupe 3.0 during DSLR Video Capture. The new mount is called HoodCrane. HoodCrane is available with the Cinema Kit Pro which includes…HoodLoupe 3.0, HoodMAG- a new magnifying video eyecup for your Hood- Loupe 3.0 and the HoodCrane. If you already have the HoodLoupe 3.0 you can pick up the HoodCrane and HoodMAG separately.

Product Features :

  • HoodLoupe 3.0
  • HoodMAG 3.0
  • HoodCrane

tittle – Review:


I was hesitant to purchase this product. It was kind of suspicious that nobody rated it and it is somewhat monstrous looking on the Amazon website. But once I got it, I instantly realized that it is exactly what I needed.

1. Solid, robust worksmanship. It cannot match the Cannon “L” type worksmanship, but I did not expect it from this relatively cheap product. I have no complaints.

2. I love the crane part of this assembly. It is build in a very intuitive way, I did not need to read instructions to adjust the position of viewfinder in relations to my camera’s screen. It does not look nearly as ugly, strange and awkward as I was imagining. It has two pleasant surprises: a) it has flip release to lift the Loupe viewfinder, so it is possible to use the viewfinder to adjust the depth, then to flip the assembly up and watch the LED screen during video shooting to make sure that the red dot is there. Once you need to use the Loupe viewfinder again, just flip back down and you can use the Loupe again. b) there is hot shoe mount on top of the crane!!! So, I am able to put my LED video lighting or microphone on top of the crane!!! Very pleasant surprise.

3. Magnifying eyecup is very handy and easily adjusted.

Two thumbs up for this product!



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