Kodak Easyshare C143 Digital Camera (Blue)

Kodak Easyshare C143 Digital Camera (Blue) – Product Description:

Kodak Easyshare C143 Digital Camera (Blue)Looking for a camera that makes sharing your pictures as simple as 1, 2, 3? Then you’ll love the Kodak EasyShare C143 Digital Camera. The C143 is a 12 megapixel digital camera with a 3X optical zoom and 2.7-inch bright LCD. The C143 features Kodak’s Smart Capture and Facial Recognition along with Kodak’s unique -inchShare-inch button that allows for one-button upload to email, KODAK GALLERY, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, TWITTER, and ORKUT sites.

Product Features :

  • 12 megapixels for high-quality pictures
  • 3X optical zoom
  • 2.7 in. bright LCD
  • One-button upload to e-mail, Kodak Gallery, YouTube, Facebook, ORKUT, and FLICKR sites
  • Kodak’s Smart Capture feature

Kodak Easyshare C143 Digital Camera (Blue) – Review:


So far so good…. works better than advertised. Pictures are crystal clear, with the exception of a few caused by camera shake (me sneezing).. A very good product, would highly recommend it to friends. Kodak has a winner here. I purchased the “Blue Bundle” (get more for less $$) and quite pleased with it so far. I noticed a few reviews complaining of short battery life. I had the same problem, but found the fault was mine for not fully charging the batteries the first time. Bought new batteries (same brand and type as what came with the camera), fully charged them, and presto, the battery drain rate was dramatically improved. Approximately 4 to 5 times longer than the first pair I managed to screw up. About 300 pictures before I had to give ’em a fresh shot of juice (electricity).

A feature not mentioned in the ad is this camera does in fact have “5x Digital Zoom” in addition to the 3x optical zoom.

I’ve had the camera just a few days, but have taken over 400 photos (mostly just junk shots learning about the camera and its settings) and have no complaints whatsoever. Camera seems to be very durable, body feels and looks like its made of metal/aluminum, it may be plastic, hard to tell as its so well constructed. Buttons are a tad small, but that turns out to be a plus, as with my other camera, I keep changing the settings as the buttons are “To Easy” to press.

I like that the camera reverts back to the default “Auto” setting when turned off and back on again. Makes picture taking simple, just turn it on, point and shoot and get great shots with no fussing around with settings. The one issue, however minor, is when the batteries are removed or battery compartment is opened to remove memory card, you have to reset the clock. Not a big issue, just a minor annoyance. I’m retried, so I don’t worry about time anyway..

Also read a few complaints of poor picture quality with this model. The first few pictures I took were blurry and way out of focus. Problem was my fault (and may be that of others also) for not letting the camera focus. Press the button half way till the frame on the display turns green…. then snap and great pictures from there on out.. When problems arise, hit the Kodak web site, great resource for solving camera and picture problems.

Setup is a snap, just plunk the batteries in (after they’re charged of course), set the language, date and time…. point, shoot, and unlike a former Vice President, you won’t miss that once in a lifetime perfect shot…. picture that is. Great camera for us older folks, who like me, don’t quite yet grasp the digital age fully. Why I’d even recommend this to the ex-wife and her attorney…. for a small fee. (wink)

Another feature I like, is the built-in Help system. It describes every setting for every menu choice. If you learn nothing else about your camera, learn how to use the on-camera Help feature.



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