Kodak EasyShare Z990 12 MP Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom, HD Video Capture and 3.0-Inch LCD

Kodak EasyShare Z990 12 MP Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom, HD Video Capture and 3.0-Inch LCD – Product Description:

Kodak EasyShare Z990 12 MP Digital CameraKodak EasyShare MAX Z990 3-Inch LCD 12 Megapixel Bridge Camera. If you love taking pictures, then the KODAK EASYSHARE MAX Camera is exactly what youre looking for. When inspiration strikes, whether in direct sunlight or sitting by a campfire, this high-performance camera-jammed full of featuresmakes it a breeze to capture what you see. The result Crisp, beautiful pictures that boost your reputation as the best photographer in the family, if not the neighborhood. And thanks to Kodaks Share button and the worlds only digital cameras with 3-step sharing, sharing those shots is simple. Features: 30x SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Optical Zoom Lens, 5x advanced digital zoom 128 MB internal memory available, SD/SDHC card expansion slot Focus Type – TTL contrast AF system Display – 3.0 in. 460K dots-TFT color LCD with smart display feature Image StabilizationStill: optical, Video: digital Dimensions: 3.4″H x 4.9″W x 3.7″L

Product Features :

  • Capture the ambience in dimly lit situations with the 12 MP BSI (back side illumination) CMOS sensor and high ISO
  • Zoom in fast, close, and wide with the 30X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Optical Zoom Lens with image stabilization
  • The f/2.8 28 mm wide-angle lens captures dramatic shots in tight quarters or in front of spectacular landscapes
  • Kodak’s powerful, high-capacity pre-charged Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and charger included
  • SD/SDHC card compatibility allow you to enjoy up to 128 MB of internal memory

Kodak EasyShare Z990 12 MP Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom, HD Video Capture and 3.0-Inch LCD – Review:


Low light pics are really amazing with this camera. I took a pic in my family room taken at 8:30 at night in smart mode with no flash and the room lit by only the light coming through the doorway from the kitchen and the TV. While I realize you wouldn’t want to take pics of people at the shutter speed selected by smart mode (.3), the pic came out with the room appearing as though it was 2 pm on a sunny day.

Some reviews have said you can’t save settings when you shut off the camera but that is not completely true. If you shoot in PASM modes it will save your settings in those modes even if you switch modes or shut off the camera. While it may not save settings in “scenes” and special features (like shooting fireworks or sunsets) those are preset anyway as soon as you dial to them.

I am no photo expert but the menus seem very intuitive and easy to navigate.

The main reason I bought this camera is that it gives me a lot of versatility with its zoom and low light capacity. I hate flash photography and I like a lot of sports and outdoor action shots of family and friends.

The zoom is 30X optical while in smart mode and another 5x digital zoom when shooting in PASM modes (which allow you to override a host of presets that you can’t do (except to shut off the flash) in smart mode. Though you cannot zoom manually, the toggle for the zoom is on a ring surrounding the shutter button and very easy to use without taking your eyes off the subject of your pictures. It responds instantly and does not require you to zoom in and out to get where you want like my old digital camera (Sony Cybershot DSC-S70).

Very little lag between pushing the shutter button and the pic being taken imo, especially in low light where you’d expect the camera to think about it for a while before shooting. As for complaints that you have to wait until the preview pic goes away you can easily overcome that by pushing the shutter button half way which clears the screen and allows you to take another pic right away.

One other thing. I would never buy a camera without a view finder in addition to the lcd screen and the z990, besides having a very bright 3″ lcd which is excellent, has an EVR (electronic view finder) with all the same info you get on the lcd and which is very useful in bright sun when you cannot see the lcd. If you want to use the EVR instead you just hit a button to the top left of the lcd and the lcd turns off and the EVR on.

Though I am no expert at photography I have taken thousands of pics over the years with my trusty Konica Autoreflex TC SLR and my Sony point and shoot. But from what I can see this new Kodak offering beats them by far. I really think I am going to enjoy this camera.



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