Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing

Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing – Product Description:

Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital FrameYou know how good it feels to come home to find an unexpected gift from a friend? That’s the same excitement you get every day with the Pulse 10 inch Digital Frame. Now everyone can send pictures right to your frame, giving you continuous surprises. Adding your own pictures is easy too. It doesn’t slow you down with time-consuming software setups or complicated technology. It makes connecting with friends and family simple, so you’ll always have new pictures to relive and enjoy. The Pulse is refreshed with new pictures on your frame more often and you are alerted as soon as you get new pictures from family and friends. You can create your own e-mail address for the frame to easily receive new pictures. Pictures can be sent from a computer or e-mailed from mobile phones as soon as they’re taken. It’s perfect for sharing on-the-go. Adding your own pictures to the frame from your computer is incredibly simple. Wirelessly add or replace pictures with built-in Wi-Fi or you can also insert a memory card or USB drive to start viewing your pictures right away. The Pulse automatically links to friends and photo albums on FACEBOOK and Kodak Gallery sites, so you can see new pictures on your frame when they’re posted. It’s so effortless, yet so rewarding. You get hassle-free pictures because there’s no software to install, making setup easier than ever. The full seven inch touch screen makes your entire photo-viewing experience fun and easy. Simply scroll through photos and view slideshows, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Product Features :

  • 10 in. high-quality digital photo display
  • Receive pictures via e-mail, Facebook and Kodak Gallery sites. Quick comment feature for Facebook.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 512 MB of internal memory
  • USB port and 2 card slots to add pictures from other sources
  • Built-in activity sensor turns the frame on when you’re nearby and conserves energy when you’re not

Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing – Review:


I’ve had this for a couple of days now and have to say that Kodak really has a winner on its hands with the Pulse. Kodak has solved the “last mile” problem with photo frames by creating such an easy way to get photos onto the Pulse. After receiving it you create an email address at […] and simply email photos to that address. It takes about three minutes from emailing a photo to the Pulse to when it shows up on it. Let your friends and family know the email address and they can send photos to it too.

Setting up the Pulse is easy and takes about 10 minutes from unboxing it to displaying photos on it. The frame first connects to the internet via your WiFi and then displays an activiation code. You then go to […] and create a user account and email address by keying in this activation code. After that you can start emailing photos to your new email account. In addition you can also have it display photos from your facebook or Kodak Gallery accounts.

The Pulse has worked great for me with both photos emailed to it and from a facebook account. It has all the usual slots in the back so you can run a slideshow off a flashcard too. A nice feature of the Pulse is that you can sort the photos displayed on it based on who emailed them to you. Tapping on a photo shows who sent it, when it was sent and the subject line of the email when it was sent to you.

My one concern with the Pulse is with wireless connectivity. Where we originally wanted to put the Pulse our computers, cellphones, etc., easily get WiFi coverage but for some reason the Pulse can’t. We moved it across the room and it got coverage but it’s strange that it had a problem when other devices didn’t. Other than that, however, the frame has been perfect.

I originally bought this for my mom so all her kids and grandkids can email her photos without her having to be at a computer to view them. But I like it so much I’ve decided to keep it for myself and buy her another. One surprise is that there isn’t a simple way to print the photos from the Pulse. It would be great if you could select one or more pictures and have them sent to Kodak Gallery or some other online site and have them printed. Perphaps they’ll add this feature in a future software update.

I’m very pleased with the Pulse and recommend anyone thinking about a digital photo frame seriously consider it. Good job, Kodak.



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