Macro Ring Flash LED Light! Works with Canon/Sony/Nikon/Sigma lenses!

Macro Ring Flash LED Light! Works with Canon/Sony/Nikon/Sigma lenses! – Product Description:

Macro Ring Flash LED LightThis LED Macro Ring Light is specifically designed for close shots. It will constantly emit light and provide permanent lighting for subjects. With the LED lamp mode controller, you can adjust the three modes: all light, half left light, and half right light; With the power mode controller, you can choose two different power input modes to offers you continuous light: 2 AA batteries that is convenient for outdoor shooting or AC adapter input. In addition, it includes 6 different thread adapter rings (49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm or 67mm) to fit wide range of lens models on the market.


Weight of Ring Flash Body: 125g
Weight of Control Unit: 60g
Weight of Electricity Charger: 115g
Weight of Step Ring: 100g
Size of Step Rings: 49mm/52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm
LED Index: Approx. 15GN (all light on)
Coiled Cord Length: Approx. 100cm
Voltage Range: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Electric Power Consumption: Approx. 5w (all light on)
Power Source: AA batteries×2, or DC3V
Working Hours: 1.5 hours with 1.5V alkaline batteries , 1.0 hour with 1.2V rechargeable batteries

Product Features :

  • 6 x Adapter Rings Included! (49mm/52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm)
  • Specially designed ring shape is perfect for MACRO photography (close-up).
  • This light has a double-duty power supply design which allows you to use 2 x AA batteries or DC power
  • This lighting unit provide a continuous lighting (not flashing), the continuous lighting allows you handle exposure easily.
  • Also great for portrait photography.

Macro Ring Flash LED Light! Works with Canon/Sony/Nikon/Sigma lenses! – Review:


It does what it says, basically. Some of my rechargeable batts will work with it and others won’t. That may be related to the shape of the battery contacts.

Having constant illumination is great for focusing, plus it allows you to choose higher shutter speeds instead of aperture if that suits your purpose.

The battery life is decent, but as you shoot if you’re tracking insects etc. you may leave it on to be ready at a moment’s notice. You may not notice your batteries are draining and you’re not getting much out of it. But gee, they included an AC adapter and if you’re doing indoor macro stuff, that’s a fantastic accessory to have. That more than offsets the downside IMO.

Being so lightweight, it doesn’t seem to tax my kit lens’s AF motor at all. The only real downside I have seen is that reflections of the ring light may be broken or jagged. That is, instead of a clean circle of light reflecting off a water droplet, you may see individual LEDs. I’ve been using it at very close range, though, and I think as you move farther from the subject that’s less noticeable or nonexistent.

The other issue TBD would be longevity. For my purposes it’s fine and I don’t beat up my equipment. If you’re a pro…well, why wouldn’t you invest the money on a serious ringflash setup if you’re a pro, right?

This gets the job done for me with little fuss or fanfare; it’s well worth the ~$50 I paid for it, easily. I’m very very pleased with it so far.

Update 5/28: I retested my AAs that wouldn’t work before. They work now. It could be that the battery compartment is just a bit fussy. I’m a little tempted to rubberband the back cover to the unit because it can come off. I do like the fact that the batteries are separate from the ring because there’s no point in adding extra weight to the lens if you don’t have to. Also I had a slight issue where the light was weak and I’d just put in fresh batteries. Either the cord is starting to short or the cord at the battery unit wasn’t making good contact but that was easily fixed. I’ve made hundreds (maybe a thousand by now) of shots with the unit though and remain very satisfied.

Update 6/5: I might start by saying that I use this 3-4x a week. Although I’ve had it about five or six weeks, I have probably used it 25x and made at least 1000 pictures with it.

I’m starting to have problems with it. Sometimes the cord from battery to light doesn’t want to seat properly; now I think the cord itself may be thin and not conducting the electricity well. I’ll try a quick fix of wrapping the “elbows” with electrical tape or something like that, à la Roger Daltrey and his microphone. If it continues to fail, I’d probably buy another and wrap it from the gitgo, treat it more carefully.

One thing I meant to do and haven’t: run a pencil on both sides of the adapter, the idea being to “lubricate with graphite.” Sometimes as the lens twists etc. it may strain the cord b/c it doesn’t rotate as freely on the front as I’d like (not that it alters picture quality or becomes a hassle—just that it may be what’s causing the wire to short). Were it to move freely, maybe I wouldn’t have the issue I seem to be encountering.

Should I end up getting a 2nd one, I guess it wouldn’t be a total loss. I’d have an “extra” battery holder. Also I haven’t used the AC cord much…that may be a tool to see where it’s failing, by process of elimination.
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5.0 out of 5 stars For Price – Amazing, December 7, 2010
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This review is from: Macro Ring Flash LED Light! Works with Canon/Sony/Nikon/Sigma lenses! (Electronics)
This unit comes with 6 adapters [49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, and 67mm). The adapters screw into the end of your lens or filter. For me I tested it on my T1i’s 18-55mm Kit lens, screwing into my Hoya 58mm UV filter with no problem. The Ring flash then slides over the adapter. The ring attaches to the battery pack (uses 2AA) which itself attaches to your hotshoe (a little loosely but I had no problems) On the battery pack you can choose Off/Battery/ or DC Plug (provided). On the ring light you can choose between Full/Right/Left to determine which LEDs light, either all or half. Obviously the ring can be rotated so that it you can light only Top/Bottom or almost any angle. The LEDs are Bright -I was surprised and impressed. As stated in other reviews they will reflect in reflective surfaces such as Glass/water/eyes. Since I tested them on an EF-s lens which spins the end of the lens to focus I did notice that the ring would turn, however it is easy to hold in place or reposition – I had no problem. The build quality does seem a little weak as it is all plastic but this product is 10% of the price of the Name Brand and works basically the same. The lights Do Not strobe or flash, but simply stay on until you turn them off. If you want to pay $360 more for that feature be my guest I dont need it. For me this is a great product.



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