Metz mecablitz 50 AF-1 Digital Flash for Pentax Cameras

Metz mecablitz 50 AF-1 Digital Flash for Pentax Cameras – Product Description:

Metz mecablitz 50 AF-1 Digital Flash for Pentax CamerasThe 50 AF-1 digital has all the right technological features, including numerous application possibilities and even higher performance levels (guide number 50). Equipped with a USB interface for online firmware updates, its innovative and future-proof credentials are proven. Fully automatic flash modes permit precise light output tailored to each individual subject. Numerous manual fine tuning options extend your creative photographic freedom. Virtually limitless possibilities are opened up for creative lighting thanks to a fully swiveling reflector system which also contains a flip-out reflector card and a diffuser. The slave function allows the 50 AF-1 digital to be used “without constraints”. In the wireless TTL mode it can even be used as a slave device. With built-in camera flash, A superb flash unit for committed amateur photographers. Technical specifications: GN of 50 for ISO 100/21degree and 105 mm; vertical (-7/+90degree) and horizontal (300degree) swivel reflector; illuminated LCD display; motor zoom for 24 – 105 mm illumination; integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination; extendible reflector card for soft flash illumination; modeling light (permanent light for checking the photo); integrated autofocus measuring flash; flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on unit and camera (subject to camera); flash range indicator in the LCD display; automatic unit switch-off and manual key lock; TTL flash mode; manual flash mode with 8 partial lighting levels; HSS – high speed synchronization; 1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronization; manual flash exposure correction for TTL flash mode; automatic fill-in flash; flash bracketing; P-TTL flash mode; P-TTL remote mode (slave operation); 4 x AA alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries; 4 x AA NC or NiMH rechargeable batteries. This unit is designed for Pentax camera systems.

Product Features :

  • High guide number of 50 with ISO 100/21° at 105mm.
  • Metal foot with fast lock
  • Firmware update via integrated USB port
  • Tilt-Swivel flash head
  • Illuminated LCD display

Metz mecablitz 50 AF-1 Digital Flash for Pentax Cameras – Review:


I was looking for an external flash instead of using the built in flash for my Pentax K100D. I looked at the Pentax flash options but felt this Metz offered more features for the money. I have only had it for a couple of days so these are my early perceptions.

The Flash is built well. Made in Germany, (which is refreshing these days)

Uses NIMH AA batteries which is a plus. They are cheap, give long life, and are easy to recharge.

Instructions are very well written for a technical product.

Works flawlessly on my K100D. I simply put it in TTL mode and shot pictures. The zoom works automatically and exposure seems to be right on the money.

Great tilt and swivel capability for a flash in this price range.

I really like the USB port – to update the firmware and essentially “future proof” the flash.

Came very well packaged which is good as the USPS did their best to try to destroy it.

The flash has tons of options. (Including wireless slave mode, strobe, manual, etc.)

A couple of minor negatives -:

The LCD display is nice but hard to read. The contrast isn’t that great and some of the function fonts are way too small. It does light up, but it is still difficult to read even with the light on. Makes me wonder why they made such a large LCD and then put tiny fonts for the options and controls.

The Flash is quite heavy with the 4 AA batteries in it.

I took a star off for the LCD read out. I’m hoping they can fix this with a firmware update.

Overall I am very pleased with this flash and would highly recommend it.



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