Mini Wireless Color Camera with Microphone

Mini Wireless Color Camera with Microphone – Product Description:

Mini Wireless Color Camera with MicrophoneTiny and wireless, this inconspicuous camera offers effective surveillance protection . It has an operative range of 150 feet, providing full motion, real-time, color video with no delay. It is easily concealed and the built-in microphone provides great sound quality that’s perfect for presentations or interviews.

Product Features :

  • Miniature Wireless Camera with Microphone General Features: 380-lines resolution
  • 150-foot range (no obstacles) 2.450 GHz output frequency Built-in microphone
  • Full motion real time color video with no delay
  • Camera runs on 9-volt battery or AC adapter (battery not included)
  • Composite video connections on receiver

Mini Wireless Color Camera with Microphone – Customer Review:


I picked this unit after much research, for a home-made robot (class project). Here’s the scoop:

For the price, it’s fantastic!

Performance: Our best results, with a fresh battery, camera unit transmitted ~200′ of open parking lot AND ~75′ of industrial building w/ lots of flouro/wifi etc. with minimal interference. However, signal strength fell off with batt pwr. Unfortunately, we used a variety of 9Vs at various stages of use or I’d have a lifespan for you. Best guesstimate is minimum 30 minutes full strength from fresh batt.

We also played around with it indoors, with the AC adapters on both units.

Either way, you’ll occasionally have to tweak the RX tuner for best reception if the camera is mobile, or the environment changes (body blocking the antenna of the Tx etc.) See that little knob by the Rx unit’s antenna? That’s the tuning knob.

How does it work?
Camera unit powered by AC adapter, or 9V battery (short life as expected) sends audio & video to receiver unit.

Receiver unit->RCA cables->TV/VCR/whatever (I used an old portable TV/VCR combo from a junk sale). No “Wifi” here.

If this thing had night-vision AND digital tuning it’d have 6 out of 5 stars. Speaking of IR, this camera will detect IR like most digi-cameras. The only test I managed to do before it’s demise* was to point a TV remote at it in a sealed darkroom, and it did register the IR LED.

*The TX unit was smoke-checked by an idiot miswiring an improvised AC adapter after we lost the first one, but I’m definitely getting another.



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