NcSTAR® 2 – 7×32 mm AO Pistol Scope

NcSTAR® 2 – 7×32 mm AO Pistol Scope – Product Description:

NcSTAR® 2 - 7x32 mm AO Pistol ScopeThis pistol scope from NcSTAR features one-inch aluminum mounting rings, making it easy to affix to your favorite handgun. Blue-coated lenses and a 32-millimeter objective provide distortion-free clarity, while variable power magnification and a long eye relief for extended mounting capability make it a versatile shooting accessory. Also includes lens caps.

Product Features :

  • 2-to-7X magnification
  • One-inch tube diameter
  • 32-millimeter objective diameter
  • 14-to-4.5-foot field of view at 100 yards
  • 8.7-to-10.7-inch eye relief
  • 16-to-4.6-millimeter exit pupil
  • 11.6-ounce weight
  • 11-inch length
  • Integrated weaver-style mount

NcSTAR® 2 – 7×32 mm AO Pistol Scope – Review:


I mounted this scope on my Mosin Nagant M91-30 rifle and it greatly improved the performance. I removed the rear sight by knocking out the pins and the set screw and then knocking it off. Mine was actually soldered under the rear sight base, so heating and melting the solder would have been preferable (I had to hit the sight base pretty hard to get it off.) Then I mounted this scope on the base under the rear sight with 1″ Ring – 3/8″ Dovetail medium scope mounts also available on (NcStar mounts #RB25.) I took it out and sighted it in at 50 and 100 yards. Before I mounted this scope I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with my Mosin. After mounting and sighting it, I could place 5 shots in the circle at 100 yards with a cross wind. If you mount this scope on your Mosin Nagant M91-30 as I did, you do NOT have to replace your bolt with a bent sniper bolt and you can continue to use clips to load your gun from the top. This scope does not interfere with the action and you do not have to remove the front sight either.

I have not tested its long term durability yet, but if you don’t want to pay more for a scope than what you paid for the gun, then this is the way to go.



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