Nikon 1 V1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens

Nikon 1 V1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens – Product Description:

Nikon 1 V1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera SystemCreativity without boundaries is yours with a balance of high performance, advanced features, portability and newly designed interchangeable lens system. Compact and highly portable, the Nikon 1 V1 Digital Camera goes everywhere you go. Amazing images captured with a highly responsive autofocus plus super fast shooting speed. Touch a dial and capture Full HD (1080p) movies. Snap high resolution still photos even while you record! Attach a Speedlight to add fill light, or use the GPS unit to add location data to image files. The Nikon 1 V1 Digital Camera allows you to infuse your world with imagery and express as never before.

Product Features :

  • A revolutionary new imaging system from Nikon, harmoniuously designed from the ground up
  • The Nikon V1 is faster than you are with the world’s fastest autofocus among cameras with AF
  • Advanced Photography Features that let you become all the photographer you want to be
  • Command your creativity with the simultaneous capture of still and Full HD video
  • Bring your images to life with Nikon’s new Motion Snapshot

Nikon 1 V1 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera System with 10-30mm VR 1 NIKKOR Lens – Review:


This camera has freed me from SLR bondage. I understand now why many pro photographers sold their high end DSLR’s and bought a Leica m9 rangefinder digital. Four years in development, this camera hits a grand slam for Nikon and I believe it’s a game changer.

Forget the armchair quarterbacks bemoaning the small sensor. It’s good enough. Better than my d200 and about on par with my d300 without going under the microscope.

The genius of the 2.7 crop is the tiny, tack sharp lenses. Yes, they’re a bit slow but that’s what the higher ISO is for. This camera has a useable 3200 speed. The lenses probably have in-camera correction for various aberrations since you cannot see any chromatic aberration. none. Even wide open. They are sharp, sharp, sharp. Again, I think with the processing power available that this camera applies barrel and pincushion correction. Just my humble opinion.

You have HD video. You have 1200 fps slow motion. There are a ton of cool gadgets here. Leave your video camera at home? Well, no, if it’s a high end Canon in the $3k up range. But if you’ve forgotten it, you won’t feel disarmed. In firearms parlance, this is an excellent backup to your real weapon, and it’s in a major caliber.

To fully “get” this camera, order the 10mm fixed prime. You then have a tiny, pocketable powerhouse that forces you to work on framing and composition. If you have dabbled in photography for 35 years like I have, you will understand what Nikon was going for with this camera- freedom. No heavy body and gaggle of lenses in a bag. I bet you’ll shoot much more, since you’ll have it with you. The first rule of photography is to have a camera with you.

You can fully control this camera. It’s not as easy as it should be. Going back to full auto takes too many steps. But it can be done. It’s almost as if the camera is forcing you to slow down and think about what you’re doing.

Build quality is amazing. I own Rolex watches not because they are accurate, but because they are amazing mechanical devices that are impeccably built and engineered. This body exudes that quality. The lenses are plastic, and so a bit of a letdown tactilely, but movement of the zoom is fluid and feels expensive. I hope someone makes a Leica M adapter for these bodies; they deserve nothing less.

Nitpicks? Lack of short depth of field. That’s it so far.

Will housewives like this? Yes. But there are other cameras cheaper that will satisfy them. This is a camera for someone who already understands photography. One who owns many SLR and DSLR bodies and lenses. One who knows what a camera can do. But one who is looking for freedom. Freedom from menus and buttons. Freedom to express and grow.



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