Nikon 7216 Action 8x40mm Binoculars

Nikon 7216 Action 8x40mm Binoculars – Product Description:

Nikon 7216 Action 8x40mm BinocularsRefurbished Nikon 7216 8X40 Action Birding Binoculars With/Case, protective lens covers and caps included. Refurbished in perfect condition, with 90 day factory warranty.Includes deluxe case, strap, instructions, and box.Refurbished Nikon 7216 8X40 Action EX Extreme BinocularsAspherical eyepiece lenses with multi-coated prisms Quick central focus system 420-foot field of view at 1,000 yards Magnification: 8x Objective lens: 40mmLike the Actions with 50mm objective lenses, the 8×40 and 7×35 models in this ever-popular series have been updated with enhanced and ergonomic styling and a lower price structure. They also feature aspherical eyepiece lenses with multi-coated prisms and a quick central focus system so that there is never a delay in observation. With a field of view of over 420? at 1,000 yards, these particular models of the Action Series are a true “wide-view” binocular. For the discriminating and value-conscious outdoorsman, there is no finer binocular than the Action.

Product Features :

  • Aspherical eyepiece lenses with multi-coated prisms
  • Quick central focus system
  • 420-foot field of view at 1,000 yards
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Objective lens: 40mm

Nikon 7216 Action 8x40mm Binoculars – Review:


Nikon’s Action series has always been their entry level effort. The series has gone through some pretty radical changes over the years. Nikon seems to be much more adventuresome at this price point than they are in their top of the line products. The latest Action binoculars all feature aspheric lens technology.

The Action 8×40 is probably the glass of most interest to birders. It is a wide angle design, with 8.5° of field (that translates to 446 feet at 1000 yards), a close focus in the 12 foot range and eye relief of about 10mm. The limited eye relief means that spectacle wearers will not see the full field (what else is new?)…but the usable field for most people will still be relatively wide when compared to most 8x40s on the market (especially in this price range). The body is mat gray armored. The smooth armor is sufficiently tacky to provide a good grip, but some gripping aids (ridges or patterns) might have made it more secure in the hands. Body design is standard porroprism, and comfortable in the hands, with a large comfortable ribbed focus control. However the focus might be a stretch for those with real small hands.

Optically, the Nikon Action 8×40 gives the extra bright, extra sharp first impression that I have come to associate with Nikon’s applications of aspheric technology. While the view is not the equal of that provided by glasses like the Swift Ultralite 8×42 glasses which cost over twice as much as the Nikon Action 8×40, it is certainly very close.

When compared to the current BVD Reference Standard for bargain binoculars, the Bushnell 8×42 NatureView, the Nikon Action 8×40 is slightly brighter, with a bit more snap (likely due to the lack of multi-coating on the NatureView). The NatureView, however, has much better eye relief and a bit more comfortable view. While the NatureView retains its Reference Standard designation for the moment, the Nikon Action 8×40 are certainly very fine binoculars in the same price range…a BVD Starred Product, highly recommended to anyone who wants bird-worthy binoculars on a budget. Really, if you start birding with the Egrets, it may be a long time before you feel the need to upgrade, and it will certainly spoil you for many a lesser glass that just happens to cost more.

The Nikon Action series binoculars utilize aspherical lenses, ergonomic chassis, and quick central focus to maximize long term viewing comfort. All models feature high light transmission, multicoated lenses and high index BaK-4 prisms for superior resolution and brightness.



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